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FWPI Intelligence Report: Aso-Rock Cabals And Collaborators Plan To Assassinate The Buhari Impostor

 FWPI Intelligence Report: Aso-Rock Cabals And Collaborators Plan To Assassinate The Buhari Impostor Buhari Family Writers Press Internation...

 FWPI Intelligence Report: Aso-Rock Cabals And Collaborators Plan To Assassinate The Buhari Impostor


Family Writers Press International (FWPI) Intelligence has reliably secured access to a top secret of the Fulani Oligarchs from an insider that has knowledge of the inner workings of the Cabals incharge of Nigeria's Abuja Aso-Rock. According to the sourced Intel, the Fulani Cabals have concluded, fine-tuned and began moves to use their Fulani terrorists to assassinate the Buhari impostor, parading as President of Nigeria. This would have the fingerprint of a kidnap, but it would all be part of a larger plan. The goal is to permanently cover the truth from the revelations made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). Kanu has insisted that the person in Aso-Rock is not the Buhari that Nigerians voted into power in the contested presidential election of 2015.

In the IPOB leader's first Special Broadcast from the holy land of Israel to IPOB families across the globe, on November 10, 2018, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu revealed a legion of verifiable and common sense points, irrefutable points capable of convincing an open mind that indeed Muhammadu Buhari died in a London hospital, was buried in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia, and was replaced with a body double, by the cabals. Also, in another live presentation from the United Kingdom, the IPOB leader again showed with pictorial proves, that the person in Aso-Rock is not Buhari. Kanu described the whole thing as a "grand conspiracy and a monumental fraud of the century".

Again, during his mother of all interviews with the Ovation Publisher, Mr Dele Momodu, on Thursday, October 29, 2020, he was challenged about his dead Buhari claim, Kanu again said: “ Buhari is dead and buried in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia. Aisha Buhari was there, she came back from what they call the lesser Hajj, she was wearing black, she was mourning. If you look at the pictures that were circulated at that point in time, you will see the forlorn faces of the northern governors. Buhari is dead and I'm prepared to stake Biafra on it. If you, Dele Momodu, can go and prove to me –I'm not asking you to do anything too complex – if you can go and ask this man you call Buhari; whoever is in Aso Rock, to come outside, don’t do very much, address a panel of Nigerian youths. Maybe twenty (20) of them and speak Buhari’s mother tongue, which is Fulfulde, I will give up Biafra. I will apologize to him and I will submit myself to any authority on this earth, to do with me as they please. …” 

In same vein, Eric Stuart Joyce, a former military officer and British member of Parliament(MP) tweeted with his verified handle '@ericjoyce' in that respect, on May 19, 2017. The tweet reads: "Very sad to learn hear of the death of President Buhari, whom I campaigned for. Thoughts with his wife @aishambuhari and family. #buhari."

Again, on June 14, 2017, he made another tweet, saying: "Nigerian President Buhari's wife refused access. Chief of staff, 79 yr old Abba Kyari, in charge now? #nigeria."  These tweets are still not deleted. No body sued him. Nigerian authorities brought no charges against him. Eric Joyce is walking freely, unquestioned till this moment.

These, and more are strong unchallenged claims, extremely possible of international indictment on the cabals and their foreign collaborators. So, they are working tirelessly to ensure the truth is permanently buried, by eliminating the imposter.

There have also been recent reports that should clearly point Nigerians and the larger international community to the trueness of this intel on the cabals plots. These reports include the recent terrorists attack on the Presidential convoy, the attack on the Nigerias’ most fortified prison(Kuje) within the same week of attacking the presidential convoy, the terrorists threat to Kidnap the President, and the most recent attack on army checkpoint, near 'Zuma Rock'. They are not just mere terrorists attacks. They are gradual steps into the main goal. According to the Intel, they are to finally make the ignoble roles the cabals and their foreign collaborators played remain untraceable and permanently covered.

Apex world leaders, and all people of goodwill are by this report alerted to the plans of the Fulani cabals in charge of Aso-Rock. Proper investigations must have to be done now, and all that has hand in this fraud, brought to justice.

FWPI Intelligent Department, reporting

For Family Writers Press International.


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