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IPOB: Miyetti Allah Terrorist Group and Their Vain Igbophobia Mentality

 IPOB: Miyetti Allah Terrorist Group and Their Vain Igbophobia Mentality The Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)'s only interest is in the...

 IPOB: Miyetti Allah Terrorist Group and Their Vain Igbophobia Mentality

The Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB)'s only interest is in the restoration of Biafra sovereignty, and in the freedom of any other indigenous people in Nigeria, that so wishes. Biafra, Oduduwa and other nations were unlawfully merged to form the contraption called Nigeria that has remained unworkable for over a hundred years now. This was an amalgamation done by the British Government, for their economic interests. The union has remained unfavourable in all ramifications, mostly because of the hatred the northerners, especially the Fulani, have for Biafrans – the Igbo nation in particular.

Recently, Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate was linked to IPOB by Saleh Alhassan of Miyetti Allah. This act is a gimmick they used for campaigning for their candidate and tarnishing the reputation of IPOB as a biased group with troublesome intent, even though Miyetti Allah is the decision making body of Fulani killer herdsmen that is blacklisted globally.

Although Peter Obi is an Igbo Biafran, the vision of Peter Obi as a Presidential Candidate in Nigeria is not in congruence with that of IPOB. IPOB is a movement of freedom fighters whose sole goal is to save Biafrans from injustice, humiliation, segregation, slavery, killing, abduction/kidnapping, terror and total annihilation as a people. And this is not realistic in one-Nigeria. But Peter Obi is clamouring for an unrealistic better one-Nigeria. What sense is there accusing those two of being the same?

This is not the first time Miyetti Allah is speaking for Nigeria government. And for each time they spoke in the behalf the government, there is never any attempt by the government, to rebuke or renounce them. Instead, a firestorm attempt is taken to give their speech an official stamp. As the bewildered citizens make the shocking discovery that Miyetti Allah is government and vice versa, they wonder why government is pushing propaganda and linking IPOB to Peter Obi. 

But the simple truth is that Miyetti Allah as a group, is undoubtedly gripped with fear due to repercussion that are before them. Having placed unimaginable torture, pain and anguish on other indigenous peoples through Fulani herdsmen, Bandit and Boko Haram, and having seen the result of IPOB's consistency, it is only normal that they should despair. 

They now fear Karma and tremble in the realization that it is always waiting. This is their reason for linking "Obidient movement" with "IPOB”, so that the world will see IPOB as not being serious with the struggle and demand for referendum. But, on the contrary, IPOB is resolute and formidable in her quest for Biafra restoration, and the world knows.

Miyetti Allah cannot have it both ways. It cannot insist that Igbo is not fit to rule Nigeria and, at same time, blackmail IPOB for helping them get rid of Igbo In Nigeria. Miyetti Allah should hasten the referendum for Biafra to exit from their sight since they hate Biafra and Biafrans with passion!

Written by Ify Mmaduabizie

Editor Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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