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Radio-Biafra Tough Talk: Why The Infiltrators Are In Panic Over Kanu's Wife Invitation

Radio-Biafra Tough Talk: Why The Infiltrators Are In Panic Over Kanu's Wife Invitation 'Tough Talk' is an occasional special Rad...

Radio-Biafra Tough Talk: Why The Infiltrators Are In Panic Over Kanu's Wife Invitation

'Tough Talk' is an occasional special Radio-Biafra Program, usually hosted by Mazi Jonathan Chinedu, a time tested broadcaster on the hallowed radio platform. Individual guests of great reputations, like the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB)'s Head of Directorate Of States(HDOS), Mazi Chika Edoziem have in past, been hosted on this special Program. This time, Mazi Jonathan announced to be hosting Mrs Uchechi Okwu Kanu, Wife to the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu. And the date and time is: 3rd September, 2022 by 7:30pm Biafra time.

Following this announcement, all hell have seemingly broke loose in the camp of the enemies of Biafra restoration struggle, particularly the infiltrators headed by a political agent in Finland. As observed by critically watching their Online broadcasts, Tweeter posts, etcetera, panic is practically all-over them. And for a reason best known to them, they are threatening the IPOB leader's wife, warning her to hold back from giving answers to certain bugling questions, while featuring in the Program.

Alot of people have been wondering why this upcoming Program by Kanu's wife suddenly became of so serious concern to some persons who as well pose to be supporters of Nnamdi Kanu. To the extent that such persons began to pretentiously advice Kanu's wife not to honour the invitation. Some said her invitation to feature on the RadioBiafra special Program will be a trap for her, hence she should decline it.

But, the simple truth remains that until when Nnamdi Kanu's wife gets on the radio platform, no one can tell what she is possibly going to broadcast about. However, to honestly speak, it appears like there are some secrets these infiltrators are sure that this woman knows about their recent conspiracies against Nnamdi Kanu, and the Biafra struggle in general. And that is why they started on the ground of discouraging her and accusing IPOB Directorate Of States(DOS) of being criminals. So that, when Kanu's wife say things that may not be favourable to them(infiltrators), they will tag her a tool of the DOS, being used to win the trust of Biafrans over to them.

You can see how they play their mind game to deceive some gullible individuals amongst Biafrans.

This can clearly be likened to the story of Joseph in the Holy Bible; where his brothers sold him, stained his wears with animal blood as a way to channel their father, Jacob's mind away from accusing them of having hands in the disappearance of Joseph.

But, as contained in this story, it was just with time, and the secret of these Joseph's brothers was opened, in such a way, place and time that Joseph had the power to decide if they should remain alive or get all killed.

Finding ways to give DOS bad names could just be a game aimed at continuing to divert the attention of some gullible Biafrans from who the original criminal is. But, time shall tell.

Those that wants Kanu's wife to decline the invitation to 'RadioBiafra Tough Talk' could possibly be fearing a repeating of the Joseph's brothers scenario. They are scared of what will be their fate after the Program. But again, time shall tell.

Written by Nwaeze Goddy

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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