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Soludo's Murderous Militia in Anambra State will hear From IPOB Soon

 Soludo's Murderous Militia in Anambra State will hear From IPOB Soon The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous ...

 Soludo's Murderous Militia in Anambra State will hear From IPOB Soon

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of the great liberator of Biafra freedom Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the reckless and unjustifiable murder of innocent citizens of Biafra in Anambra State by the secret militia and Ebubeagu security outcit created in Anambra State by Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo. 

IPOB want to bring to the knowledge of Biafrans the criminal activities of Soludo's militia and Ebubeagu security outfit in Anambra State. Biafrans should recollect that IPOB had earlier informed the Biafran people and the general that Soludo the governor of Anambra State had secretly set up the Ebubeagu security outfit simply to begin a covert elimination of IPOB members, now it is clear that the governor wants to turn the peaceful state of Anambra into flame and nobody should blame IPOB because we contributed more than 80% of the peaceful environment that our people are seeing in Anambra State today and  Soludo will not be allowed to destroy this present peaceful state of affairs.

Soludo must be held responsible for whatever  happens in Anambra State going forward if he continues to use his Ebubeagu militia to be profiling Biafrans and eliminating them because they have paintings or tattoo on their body. If he believes that he has now established himself and continue to use these murderers against innocent Biafran civilian population then IPOB wishes him good luck. The attrocities of this evil security outfit is very pronounced in Nnewi, Idemili South and North including other important towns and communities in Anambra State. 

IPOB want to advise Soludo to ask those governors in the south Eastern States especially Imo and Ebonyi States what is happening in their States because they refused to heed to the genuine advice proffered to them by IPOB against setting up this Ebubeagu security outfit. 

ESN security network must be prepared because for these criminals created by Soludo they are abducting and killing many of us and we must not give anyone any opportunity or room to use Biafraland and the lives of Biafran to further their political ambition and curry favour from the Fulani Caliphate. We are not only in charge but we must be seen to take charge without looking backwards. 

Prof. Soludo should prepare his bunch of killers for the battle ahead, we advised you to caution those incharge of them to stop tampering with anybody suspected to be IPOB members or sympathisers but you refused to do so because you think that IPOB is responsible for criminalities going-on in your State. Your predecessor saw that IPOB does not engage in criminalities because we are focused on our liberation struggle not withstanding  that he invited the janjanweed soldiers and fulani herdsmen in Anambra State to murder Biafrans and IPOB members at Nkpor on 29th May and 30th of May 2016. 

Soludo should be informed that IPOB does not compromise when it comes to our agitation for freedom and the wellbeing and security of Biafrans. We shall definitely act to protect our people and our land to demonstrate to the global community that IPOB is not happy in respect of the numerous Kidnappings and killings of IPOB members in Anambra State. Now it is very evident what  your true  intention of setting up Ebubeagu and nicknamed or renamed them AVG.

Those killers you handed over these criminals to command for the sole purpose of kidnapping, torturing and murdering innocent Biafrans and IPOB family members will soon pay dearly for their crimes, just watch the next line of action from IPOB. 


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