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Is the Treason Committed by Bokoharam Lower Than the Treason They Accuse Nnamdi Kanu Of? – Dr. Ikiri Asks

 Is the Treason Committed by Bokoharam Lower Than the Treason They Accuse Nnamdi Kanu Of? – Dr. Ikiri Asks Nnamdi Kanu A veteran political a...

 Is the Treason Committed by Bokoharam Lower Than the Treason They Accuse Nnamdi Kanu Of? – Dr. Ikiri Asks

Nnamdi Kanu

A veteran political analyst, Dr. Ikiri Joe Abraham, has accused the federal government of Nigeria of posturing as an administration with no regard for rule of law and the judiciary. In an interview he granted Atlantic Television Network, hosted by Nnamdi D’Voice, Dr. Ikiri doubled down in his allegation, insisting that the Nigerian government is committing a grandiose display of intransigence, recalcitrance and double standard.

Continuing, he questioned whether the Appeal Court’s judgement, even if it only discharged Nnamdi Kanu, should be hard for anyone to understand that it means freedom for Nnamdi Kanu, especially for someone who claims to be a chief law officer, like Abubakar Malami(SAN), the Attorney General(AG) of Nigeria. Dr. Ikiri asked in sarcasm 'if the federal government wants him to teach them a simple and common sense court Judgement', insisting that acquittal is not something heavier than discharge.

Going further, Ikiri accused Nigerian government of double standard, asking 'if there is a different definition of treason since Bokoharam terrorists are being freed on daily basis with claim of being rehabilitated'. He reminded the Nigerian government that Nnamdi Kanu’s case has gone beyond Nigeria, citing the United Nation's Working Group’s order, mandating Nigerian government to release Nnamdi Kanu within six months with compensation. He cautioned that openly flouting a superior court order would send a wrong signal, which will be reciprocated by Nigerians especially Nnamdi Kanu supporters and sympathizers who numbers in millions. Kiriki warned that it will only lead to political chaos especially as 2023 elections are around the corner.

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Nnamdi D’Voice: What do you make of the Appeal Court’s decision and the Attorney-General’s filing for a stay of execution?

Dr. Ikiri: First of all, I think that the federal government should not posture themselves as one that disobeys court orders. It will be a very wrong signal they are sending to the Nigerian public. If a court as high as the Appeal Court gave a judgement, and say discharge, you are discharged from this, the first thing, the interpretation is that you are freed. Meanwhile, two days ago, we were told that some Bokoharam members who were arrested, never charged to court, who are fighting war against their own country, who are supposed to face trial for treason, high treasonable felony but were not so done, were freed, sent to amnesty camp. Nnamdi Kanu in the lower court faced trial of treasonable felony equal to what the other guys who were freed did.

Nnamdi D’Voice: Which guys are you referring to now?

Dr. Ikiri: The Bokoharam people who were freed and sent to rehabilitation centers. Is their crime lower than …, is there any lower treason and another higher treason, is it not the same thing? So they should not bring politics into this and they should not overheat the polity. Even if they filed a stay of action, does it stop the discharge of Nnamdi Kanu?

However, in another separate interviews granted Arise TV and AIT, Barristers Aloy Ejimakor and Ifeanyi Ejiofor (Nnamdi Kanu's Special and Lead Counsels, respectively) maintain that, as a matter of fact, the Appeal Court discharged and acquitted their client by emphatically prohibiting the Nigerian government from trying Nnamdi Kanu anywhere because of the violation of an international law through the extraordinary rendition or forceful abduction from Kenya. The legal team insisted that refusal to obey the Appeal Court while filing for a stay at the Supreme Court will amount to a contempt of court. The Barristers insisted that the federal government must obey the Appeal Court order before proceeding to the Supreme Court.

Chibueze Daniel, reporting

For Family Writers Press International

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