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Open Letter To Obedients: Do Not Be Deceived, Nigeria Is Already A Failed State

 Open Letter To Obedients: Do Not Be Deceived, Nigeria Is Already A Failed State The ongoing Peter Obi's quest for Igbo presidency is a ...

 Open Letter To Obedients: Do Not Be Deceived, Nigeria Is Already A Failed State

The ongoing Peter Obi's quest for Igbo presidency is a strategy to confuse the people of the South East into another eight years of perpetual slavery. Do not be deceived, Nigeria is already a failed state. And, even if the Fulani controlled Nigerian Government pronounces Peter Obi the winner in the upcoming 2023 selection(election), he will not perform magic. They British know this, but their plan with Obi is simply to try put the agitation for Biafra to rest. But it will still be efforts in futility.

To start with, Biafra agitations did not start because of the present Nigerian situation. It started as a result of the long wasted years in an entity(Nigeria) filled with horrified killings, deprivation, right denials and other inhuman treatments. To say that Biafra agitations will cease because of Peter Obi's presidential ambition is really funny and shows how far the planners are from reality. Such thought is quite a dumb one, and simply tells that the planners have foolishly not realized the resolve of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). Secondly, Peter Obi cannot solve Nigeria's mountains of problems because they are beyond his capacity. Obi who always give example of how he "transformed Anambra State" as governor, should know that this is not Anambra State but a country filled with corrupt politicians, terrorists, tribalists, jihadists, bandits, etcetera. 

Labour party presidential candidate may not be pronounced winner of the upcoming presidential election by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC)'s Fulani chairman, because Peter Obi is an Igbo man (a Biafran), and the Fulanis claim Nigeria as the estate of their forefathers with a born to rule mentality. Even if Fulani out of pressure or in tandem with their sponsors (UK Government) pronounces Peter Obi the winner as plan to stop Biafra, which military will he command? Is it the Nigerian military that have been terribly infiltrated by terrorists from different groups such as Boko Haram, ISWAP, Ansaru, Fulanii herdsmen, etcetera, where most of the monsters that are in the military are foreign Fulanis? Will Peter form new military for Nigerians that will take command from him as the President? It will interest all to know that presently, Nigeria does not have a military to defend the country as terrorists, either from Boko Haram, ISWAP or any other group have completely eroded Nigerian Army. 

In terms of National Assembly and other Government parastatals, will Peter Obi singlehandedly effect a change to address and re-dress an age long imbalance that has given Northerners(Fulanis) undue advantage over other Indigenous peoples across the contraption, Nigeria? The answer is no. Since the northerners command a huge amount of representation, any legislation to change the status quo would be dead on arrival. Any effort by a Christian president from south would be sabotaged.

So, now is the time to wake up and face reality, which is that the only solution to Nigeria’s multitude problems is separation through a democratically defined process(referendum). Fulani can never agree to share equal rights with Igbos or other indigenous peoples in Nigeria, and this will forever cause friction.

However, if by chance Peter Obi is declared winner, the President-elect will be frustrated out of office just like in the days of former president Goodluck Johnathan. It is worthy of note that Jonathan did everything to impress Northerners, yet he was hounded out of office violently.

In conclusion, Biafra freedom should be the only wise goal and priority of the Easterners. It will be the height of betrayal to abandon Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the dungeon of the Nigeria Department Of State Services (DSS). A man who is currently paying the prize for our freedom does not deserve such pay back us.

Because Kanu simply demanded for a referendum for his people to decide their identity, he has been kidnapped, tortured and put on chains. Therefore, the choice before us is either a Peter Obi's 4-8years of Igbo Presidency or a total freedom. Remember, nothing can be compared to a total freedom of a people. Do not be deceived!

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.

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