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Free Nnamdi Kanu Aba Protest and the mystery of IPOB strategy

 Free Nnamdi Kanu Aba Protest and the mystery of IPOB strategy The sudden news of a huge protest embarked on by members of the Indigenous Pe...

 Free Nnamdi Kanu Aba Protest and the mystery of IPOB strategy

The sudden news of a huge protest embarked on by members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) in Aba, Abịa State, Biafraland, has shown the World that IPOB Directorate Of States(DOS) is superiorly strategic, dominant, and supper-finesse. It is a further prove to the amazement of both local and global enemies of Biafra independence, that a determined IPOB-DOS will always achieve whatever they set out to accomplish, with little or no help from the outside world.

On the 4th of November, 2022, the unwearying members of IPOB stormed Aba, the commercial city of Abia Province, Biafraland, in a city-wide peaceful protest, demanding the immediate release of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been detained by the government of Nigeria in the dungeons of the Department of State Services(DSS), since June 2021.

Recall that a competent Court of Appeal in Abuja had discharged and acquitted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on 13th October, 2022. This ruling was a follow up to an appeal Made by Kanu to the court, asking the honorable court to trash all the baseless charges put on him by Nigeria government.

After the case hearing, the court passed her judgments in favour. One of which, is that the medium through which Kanu was taken from Kenya and renditioned to Nigeria is illegal and a violation of Kanu's right, local laws and international laws. Base on this, the Appellate Court ordered Kanu's immediately freedom.

However, the lawless Nigeria government Executives have refused to release the IPOB leader, as ordered by the court. This is why the group(IPOB) have embarked on a peaceful city-wide protest, demanding that Nigeria government should obey Court orders, by immediately releasing their leader.

This development brought increased fears and uncertainties into the camps of the enemies of Biafra. In the past, similar successful civil protest would have required large publicity and announcements from Biafra Media Warriors. But, the reverse became the case as this Aba protest never received usual publicity thereby keeping the government in the dark. 

The IPOB-DOS in their ever innovative ways, understood that announcement of strategic plans (including protests) before its actual date of execution, always give enemies of Biafra a firsthand knowledge of such action plan. So, as a measure to avert subsequent havocs coming from the enemies, DOS discreetly organized this Aba protest, showing their mastery and expertise in what they do. Successfully, IPOB-DOS kept the government of Nigeria, Nigerian security agencies, the paid criminal agents and his cohort of infiltrators in the dark room of oblivion.

With the success of this Aba civil protest, DOS scored a very huge point: No one can predict IPOB. DOS smartly prevented the usual manner of intimidation, arrests and harassments on Biafrans from the bloodletting security agents of the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria. IPOB-DOS in their discreet arrangements, avoided the possible raiding of the protest ground by security personnels, because they were denied the information about the protest.

The government and their security officials were left perplexed and confused about how IPOB managed to gather such crowd of her members without any Media announcements as usual. This great state of confusion has reminded the government about the uncertainty of what IPOB-DOS could do or yet to unleash, even as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader is still being held illegally in the DSS dungeon. The government criminal agent in Finland and his cohorts are not left out of this unforeseen bewilderment as regards to the expertise displayed by IPOB-DOS in the Aba civil protest. It increased their confusion as they were left dumbfounded on beholding the success of the protest.

This is to remind Biafrans that the DOS is, and will always remain the Captain of this struggle, because they are the best to steer this ship to our destination. The DOS is always wise. Just as the Catholics would say, "the Pope is infallible!". In this struggle for Biafra Restoration, the DOS is always infallible and as a result, have outsmarted the enemies of Biafra independence and Sovereignty at all corners, and continue to do so. DOS is powerful!


Written by: Oguwuike K C

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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