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Orlu Indigenes In Great Grieve As Nigerian soldiers Continue To Murder Them In Cold Blood

 Orlu Indigenes In Great Grieve As Ebubeagu Continues To Murder Them In Cold Blood The people of Okporo in Orlu senatorial Zone of Imo state...

 Orlu Indigenes In Great Grieve As Ebubeagu Continues To Murder Them In Cold Blood

The people of Okporo in Orlu senatorial Zone of Imo state, have been thrown into serious despair and agony as a result of the Hope Uzodimma's killer squad's Wednesday early morning invasion of Orie Okporo market, a well-known busy market of the community.

Family Writers Press correspondence gathered that Orie Okporo market was very calm and peaceful that morning of Wednesday, 23rd November, 2022. The Okada (Motorcycle riders) garage was full, calm and the okada men were happy and gisting, as they just finished their early morning rush hours work; when they transport market people from all corners of the community. 

Shop owners, petty traders and POS businesses were all setting their goods in order, for the day's business. Suddenly, the Supreme Court Governor Hope Uzodinma's Militia, Ebubeagu with Nigeria military stormed the Market and directly opened fire on the crowd, for reasons yet unknown. 

At instant, Ebubeagu with soldiers gunned down much numbers of able bodied Imo youths and men. The market was thrown into catastrophe as everyone was running for their dear lives.

According to one Okada Man our correspondent approach in the area later that day, who pleased for anonymity, so, many dead bodies were scattered around all corners of the market after the sudden incident. So, the men of the Ebubeagu Militia with soldiers began to pack the death bodies into their vans, and to a destination not known till this time of filing this report.

This Okada man confessed to have actually been lucky to survive the incident.


According to him, "As the incident was taken us unaware, I was almost ran out of luck because I could not find where to hide. I quickly listened to a thought that told me to run under a waste bin", he said. 

Continuing, the man told our correspondent that his mouth can not explain what he saw. "I was there under the waste bin, witnessing everything but had no camera phone to take record of all the evil carried out by those men", he said. 

"The most shocking sight of all is that of a pregnant woman that they also gunned down, because they were just shooting sporadically. When they saw the woman fall, they rushed to her and saw that she was already unconscious and the baby in the womb was struggling very fast. They immediately carried her into their van." the witness continued. 

When we asked him if he can tell the number of people that died from the incident, he said" "I tried, but I could not able to count the actual numbers of the dead, but they are more than twenty(20)“

The witness also confirmed to us that those men of Ebubeagu also gathered all the motorcycles of the Okada riders together, and set them ablaze.

“It is a sad story indeed“, he concluded.

Sabinus Gab, reporting

For Family Writers Press International

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