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REFERENCING: Nigerian Military Ran Secret Mass Abortion Programme

 REFERENCING: Nigerian Military Ran Secret Mass Abortion Programme The news of Nigerian military abortion assault made headlines of the dail...

 REFERENCING: Nigerian Military Ran Secret Mass Abortion Programme

The news of Nigerian military abortion assault made headlines of the dailies, few weeks back. It was according to a report by Reuters. They accused Nigeria military of running an abortion programme in the North-East of Nigeria, with at least 10,000 children aborted.

It reads "Since at least 2013, the Nigerian Army has run a secret, systematic and illegal abortion programme in the country’s northeast, terminating at least 10,000 pregnancies among women and girls, many of whom had been kidnapped and raped by Islamist militants, according to dozens of witness accounts and documentation reviewed by Reuters".

"The abortions mostly were carried out without the person’s consent – and often without their prior knowledge, according to the witness's accounts. The women and girls ranged from a few weeks to eight months pregnant, and some were as young as 12 years old, interviews and records showed".

It continued "This investigation is based on interviews with 33 women and girls who say they underwent abortions while in the custody of the Nigerian Army. Just one said she freely gave consent. Reporters also interviewed five civilian healthcare workers and nine security personnel involved in the programme, including soldiers and other government employees such as armed guards engaged in escorting pregnant women to abortion sites. In addition, Reuters reviewed copies of military documents and civilian hospital records describing or tallying thousands of abortion procedures".

Obviously this report is no more a new thing. It has been there, and it is not only in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria. It is in every region and state within the Nigeria territory. And I think it is part of the orientation the Nigerian fulanised military receives in their training camp. 70% of them are rapist. If you want to confirm what I am saying, just do some little investigation around any where the Nigerian military are resident, even if they are just two or three of them there.

Nigeria military and para-militaries are well known for rape. They rape females in their custody. Sometimes, if they woo a lady they like and she refuse, they will intentionally accuse her of committing one crime or another, so as to arrest her. When the lady in question is finally in their custody, they will have chance to rape and assault her. They are good in gang raping ladies, I have come across many news in the past that reported similar cases, even in the Southern part of Nigeria.


It is even in the investigation of Amnesty International of 3rd June 2015, - "Star On Their Shoulder, Blood In Their Hands".

I must commend Reuters News for their investigation and findings. But for a truth, it is not going to stop, because it has become a culture to the military. Unless something as drastic as totally disintegrating the den of corruption(Nigeria) is done.

May God continue to guide and protect these brave reporters and investigators from the bloody hands of Nigeria Military.

Family Writers Press International reporting 

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