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The Ejima's Movie, Directed By Hope Uzodinma

 The Ejima's Movie, Directed By Hope Uzodinma  You may have possibly seen the video flying on the Internet, and how the footprints of th...

 The Ejima's Movie, Directed By Hope Uzodinma 

You may have possibly seen the video flying on the Internet, and how the footprints of the contained drama clearly shows a stage by Hope Uzodinma to deliberately indict the innocent Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) and Eastern Security Network(ESN).

The man in the Video, Ejima is Hope Uzodinma's nephew whom he recruited into a criminal gang to fight ESN back then in 2021. This was the same criminal gang that killed Ikonso for turning down Hope Uzodinma's offer to join them.

According to our findings, the whole thing began when Ejima had a rift with Hope Uzodinma, his nephew and employer. And because of this rift, Ejima escaped for fear of being killed. By then, his twin brother was already in custody. So, Ejima was later  deceived to come for his brother, else his brother would be killed. That was how Hope Uzodinma got him arrested for fear of being exposed to the world by Ejima. And the movie kicked started! 

Ejima was never an ESN member to talk more of being ESN commander, though he once asked for an admission into ESN, but was not admitted because the ESN command does not accept people by merely explaining their problems or writing application. Ejima came uninvited and that was when the M-Branch, an IPOB intelligence department looked into the matter, dissected it and found the whole truth; that Ejima is a government agent. 

You see how he was shouting Chinasa Nworu's name right? It was part of the movie they acted. Before the interview by the unprofessional Nigeria media men, Hope Uzodinma and the security forces who captured him had earlier and behind the scene, given him that script to play the role of an protagonist while they take Mazi Chinasa Nworu as the antagonist. 

The other prisoner sitting right behind him in the clip was his twin brother whose call for a release was used to arrest Ejima. 

Ejima was told to indict Chinasa Nworu and ESN so that him and his brother would be released and not killed, if at all he will play his role well. But now, who is even sure they won't still kill them because, though Ejima played  his role well, his best was not enough. He actually helped IPOB/ESN to know the whole trust, starting earlier before now.

Also, barely watching how the biased Nigerian medias were given a full ground to interview him, you would know the whole thing is staged.  It has to be so because it is an indictment for IPOB and Mazi Chinasa Nworu. How many times did Nigerian soldiers capture Fulani terrorists and brought them in front of the camera to be interviewed? None. They have not even captured Fulani terrorists for one day to talk more of interviewing him. In fact, none of the people who did that interview is worthy to identify as journalist. Even if there happen to be one amongst them, biasness in reportage because of the money they are after, did not allow him/her prove so.

Why didn't they interview Ejima's twin brother? It is because the journalists were controlled. The security forces were right by their sides and has told them what to do behind the scenes, before they came on camera. So, they were right behind them monitoring them to make sure they acted the movie according to the script. From the voices of the so called journalists, one could easily notice that their voices were trembling. A sign that they were doing the interview in fear of not breaking the rules of their employment. 

Imagine the Ejima who claimed that he is an ESN commander saying that Chinasa Nworu is the commander of DOS. Since when did Chinasa Nworu became a DOS commander? This is very laughable. He even said that they had a camp behind a police station at Njaba, when did ESN leave the bushes and forests to have camps in towns and cities and even train behind a police station?

Ejima and his criminal gang never knew where any ESN camp is. If they had known, they would have connived with the Nigeria soldiers, DSS and the air force to carry out an joint attack against ESN. 

The camp behind the Njaba police station he mentioned might probably be where he was trained and the Njaba police department must be aware of it. Else, they would have carried out an attack against them long time ago.

Have you seen where an armed group established their camp right behind a federal or state security office? This indictment and blackmail plot on Chinasa Nworu is too cheap. Maybe Hope Uzodinma and the Nigeria forces who deceived Ejima and captured him forgot that it is IPOB they are dealing with, and they also forgot that IPOB had one of the bests secret intelligence unit worldwide, the IPOB M-Branch.

The other names Ejima mentioned; Temple, Sky and the rest are all Ejima's superiors in the criminal gang. They had been terrorizing Imo State and some months ago Mazi Chinasa Nworu announced their names on Radio Biafra that they are criminals and needed to be arrested and dealt with for terrorizing Imo State.

If Ejima was an ESN, why was he not injured in a shootout? Did you hear the journalists ask him where he was captured? No. 

This blackmail on Mazi Chinasa Nworu and IPOB/ESN is dead on arrival because its kinds didn't start today. Next time, Hope Uzodinma should consider another more intelligent method than this childish display of his.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Family Writers Press International

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