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We are nonviolent movement, Stop Setting Ablaze INEC offices in your desperate measures to blackmail us - IPOB tells Nigeria govt

We are nonviolent movement, Stop Setting Ablaze INEC offices in your desperate measures to blackmail us - IPOB tells Nigeria govt   The ...

We are nonviolent movement, Stop Setting Ablaze INEC offices in your desperate measures to blackmail us - IPOB tells Nigeria govt


The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the laughable, disgraceful, and fallacious statements made against innocent IPOB movement by the Nigeria Police in Imo State accusing IPOB of being responsible for the INEC office arson.

We are not surprised because we knew that they never have truth to offer to the public, only falsehood and propaganda against IPOB.


IPOB has no business or reason to burn any INEC office. Nigeria government and their Police are behind those who burnt INEC office in Owerri Imo State. If they are not sponsoring the attacks, how come they haven't done any public inquiry or extensive investigation on the attacks on INEC facilities, instead, they run to the media to shout that IPOB attacked INEC office. We tell Nigeria and it's Agencies to stop slinging mud because it is not sticking. WE ARE IPOB! Our hands are clean, and we are justified in our quest for a free Biafra Nation.


The whole world must hear from IPOB. We never have any intention to attack INEC office anywhere in Biafraland or have interest in disturbing election campaigns in Nigeria or anywhere because we are not interested in the Nigeria selection process called election.  Our leader instructed IPOB never to interfere with Nigeria elections.  Anyone in doubt should get clarifications from our legal  teams and from others who have been visiting our Leader,  Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU in the DSS solitary confinement for one year and six months   since he has been illegally detained.


Nigeria Police Command in Owerri knew that the criminals they claimed to have gunned down a few days ago during the attack of an INEC office were not IPOB volunteers or ESN operatives at all. Why then is Nigerian's compromised Police hell bent on blackmailing IPOB with the same insecurity they are sponsoring in the Southeast? We challenge Nigeria Police to arraign the arrested arsonists in open court for questioning so that the world will know their sponsors. It has been in the habit of the  Nigeria government to sponsor fulani terrorists and other criminals to attack public infrastructures, especially INEC facilities in the East, to implicate IPOB and ESN operatives.


This media blackmail against IPOB with INEC facilities burnings are for two reasons:


First, to decieve the International Community to regard IPOB as a group obstructing democratic processes in the contraption  called Nigeria's election. Secondly, it is a plan to rig 2023 elections by disenfranchising a lot of Biafran voters against Peter Obi's political base, thereby making Biafran voters blame IPOB for Obi's failure when they rig him out. This is a divide and conquer strategy. Our people must understand this game and be guided and act wisely.


We already knew their game, and we are as usual ahead of them. We always defeat them with truth and facts. You can bribe and lobby the world as much as you want, but convictions come with facts, and that's where Nigeria's bluffs always end.


Nigeria Government and her Police should stop linking IPOB and ESN Operatives to their own murderous activities because we are a NONVIOLENT freedom seeking movement in all our activities both home and abroad. Nigeria media houses should be wary of Nigeria Police with their dangerous propaganda against an innocent group fighting for their people's liberation such as IPOB is doing.


Self- Determination is not a crime. No amount of blackmail and intimidation will stop IPOB from pursuing this divine mandate and agenda of freeing ourselves from the unholy and deadly union called Nigeria.



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