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You Are Focused On Money, Despising Truth And Righteousness, Preying On The Sensations-Loving Nature Of Nigerians - Seun Kuti To Nigerian Journalists

You Are Focused On Money, Despising Truth And Righteousness, Preying On The Sensations-Loving Nature Of Nigerians - Seun Kuti To  Nigerian J...

You Are Focused On Money, Despising Truth And Righteousness, Preying On The Sensations-Loving Nature Of Nigerians - Seun Kuti To  Nigerian Journalists

Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, the son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti in a viral video has lambasted two major Nigerian National Dailies (The Nations and Punch Newspapers), accusing them of unprofessional reportage and brown envelope journalism. Seun was very more particular about the Punch Newspaper. 

This happened as this Newspaper publication house reportedly published a defaming article against the music artist, without thorough investigations and confirmations. In his own words he said "You people should be ashamed of yourselves". "Anyone incharge of the editing board of these newspapers should be ashamed of themselves" . "I buy Punch Newspaper everyday, but today is the last day I will do so", Seun voiced angrily. 

The artist cited that while one of the aforementioned Media houses (Nations Newspaper) is supposedly a governmental property with its reports totally sugar-coated to suit the narrative of the government and their policies, the other (Punch Newspaper) should have maintained the core principle of profound journalism, and refuse the urge to be enticed with money or anyother sort of aggrandizement to betray the ethics of the profession.

Seun accused the Media companies of invariably aiding the government in stifling the public of critical information by hiking the price of the papers beyond the affordablility of the common man on the streets thereby making them uninformed of the nature of events and its occurrences. And on the other hand, misinforming them.

People with sensational grooves to further solidify their ignorant state in perpetuity.

Seun Kuti, being a political activist who have actively participated in protests against unfavourable policies of the government, decries the Nigerian journalists of misinforming Nigerians, doping them into delusional state of mind with inability to respond to stimuli in the fragile sociopolitical society. He further stated that journalism in Nigeria has lost the reserved respect it enjoys in other nations because the Nigerian journalists are only interested in what guarantee their paychecks, not on objective reportage.

The ordeal of this Nigerian artist in the hands of  unprincipled journalists across the entire Nigerian Media space is only a tip of the iceberg of what the Indeginous people of Biafra(IPOB) have encountered since her agitation for a referendum to determine the fate of the people of the old Eastern region(Biafra). Recall that it has got to a point that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the currently illegally detained IPOB Leader said, "pay a Nigerian Journalist well, he/she will testify the goodness of Satan". And this has proven itself true on several instances. 

The government have deployed their series of lies and blackmail against the IPOB movement and her daughter vigilante group Eastern Security Network(ESN), formed to curb the menace of the rampaging Fulani terror herdsmen whose activities the government intentionally left unabated, as a means to advance their tribal political objectives. All manner of crimes have been committed in the Eastern region by criminals recruited by the government to disguise as the group, so as to blackmail her detained leader, despite that the IPOB movement have continuously dissociated herself and the ESN of any criminal activities and have, provided irrefutable evidence to that effect. 

The Nigeria Media/journalists have continued to oblige the government's every step of the way in their lies and propaganda, without any reservations or professionalism.

The most recent, is the report by the Nations Newspaper that IPOB has deployed ESN operatives to enforce a five day sit at home, whereas, prior to that report, IPOB have clearly stated that her Leadership or members never declared such. Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lead counsel to IPOB and Leader, also stated in his verified social media platform that his client, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not authorize anyone or group of people to enforce sit at home in his name; that those individuals doing so are state agents, deliberately working against Kanu's expected freedom.

But, this said media houses went on to give a false report even when the facts are dazzling in the faces of every one for easy comprehension. It took the intervention of the IPOB lawyer who threatened legal actions against this media company(The Nation), before they could retract their statements and report and tender apology to IPOB.

All these proves the validity of the agitation of Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB movement for a separate sovereign state of Biafra, because the level of corruption in Nigeria is beyond rectification or redemption. A society where nepotism, tribalism and ethnic bigotry thrives can never develop nor can it advance the wellbeing of citizens.

Biafrans are seeking for a safe haven where their future and future of their unborn generations are guaranteed and protected.



Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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