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2023 Election: The Desperate Blackmailing Antics Of Nigerian Politicians And Why International Observers Should Advise Them Timely

2023 Election: The Desperate Blackmailing Antics Of Nigerian Politicians And Why International Observers Should Advise Them Timely  It is ju...

2023 Election: The Desperate Blackmailing Antics Of Nigerian Politicians And Why International Observers Should Advise Them Timely 

It is just a few weeks to the general election in Nigeria. And like every other election year, the country which transited from millitary dictatorship to "modern democracy" in 1999 is due to undergo the once in a while process, anticipations are usually high because it is a process that determines the fate of over 200 million people. But, it is also infested with tensions and electoral malpractices/violent clashes amongst political rivalries. This occurrences are as old as the political system itself. Definitely, this year's transition will not be an exception as the handwritings are already on the wall.

Nigeria is apparently retardated in the modern democratic system. So, the supposed pillars of the Idealogy(European Union, United kingdom, United States), usually come at elections time as this to supposedly babysit and guide Nigerian electoral commission unto successful election. But, this year's procedure seems to pose high concerns. Underneath the whole preparation process is a very dangerous game, being played by those currently occupying the political corridor of the state. And what is most disturbing is that these games are been played with citizens' lives, mostly of those innocent citizens of the southeastern region of Nigeria, some of which are preparing to exercise their franchise come election day.

A clear unprejudiced analysis of this situation will inevitably point to the fact that the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), a self-determination movement has nothing to gain in meddling in Nigerian election of any sort. As it stands now, the Biafra Freedom agitation championed by IPOB informally occupies the center of the Nigeria geopolitics; these unwarranted trends of blackmails is a proof to this effect. What this means is that with time, there will be a round table discussion and the issue for a referendum will not be overemphasized.

IPOB have paced herself before unbearable provocations for a decade, seeking for a peaceful separation of Biafra from Nigeria. It is what amounted to so many provocative onslaughts, and the Kidnap of Nnamdi Kanu(IPOB leader) outside the soils of the Nigerian borders, tortured and extraordinarily renditioned to undergo prosecution in Nigeria, by Nigerian Secret agents, against local and international laws. So, at this stage in the IPOB's quest, it is not logical to think that the movement will ever consider interfering in the Nigerian general election or any electoral process, as this will mean sacrificing the possibility of achieving her core objective to the menace of unknown gunmen; killers that are being sponsored by begrudged Nigeria politicians, and which will be equipped to disrupt the Nigerian election and have it blamed on IPOB/ESN. 

Yes! IPOB have in 2019 threatened for election boycotts, but never sustained it. People hearkened and obliged the call. So, should the politicians who are threatened by a possible boycott want a revenge, they should  go on to tell the Biafran populace why they must boycott the referendum rather than election. Should they succeed IPOB will have no problem with that, because the people decided.

This is one amongst the numerous other reasons IPOB under her strict administrative command have no business with the Nigeria election.

This is also why the international observers (the EU, USA, UK) who claim interested in undistracted democratic transitions, and are already physically or virtually present in Nigeria, should advise these political chess players to stop playing games with the lives of innocent people. They should not only teach these political gamblers about democratic electoral procedures, but also the sanctity of human lives and rights in a democracy.

The threat of Visa bans is totally ineffective; I mean there are many countries whom their politicians and business men are under Visa ban of the EU, USA, UK but still travel out to other developed countries that are not in the Eurozone, US, UK without any restrictions.

Kindly apply those "Biting Sanctions"  you have in store for stiff-necked people like these politicians, should they refuse to stop using the lives of innocent people as pawn in their dirty games.

Let them leave those who have long lost interest and appetite in both the Nigeria electoral process ant its political system to live out their lives and rights they have merited by the resolution of the United Nations charters, as an indeginous population on this Earth. Likewise, those who still have reserved faith in the Nigeria electoral process should be allowed to exercise their franchise without harassment.

Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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