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IPOB Vindicated Again As Court Disbands Ebubeagu, Declares The Outfit A Terror And Oppression Tool

 IPOB Vindicated Again As Court Disbands Ebubeagu, Declares The Outfit A Terror And Oppression Tool The Federal High Court in Ebonyi State h...

 IPOB Vindicated Again As Court Disbands Ebubeagu, Declares The Outfit A Terror And Oppression Tool

The Federal High Court in Ebonyi State has on Tuesday, 14th february 2023 declared Ebubeagu militia as a terrorist outfit, illegal and hence disbanded. The Court delivered this ruling, following the Ebubeagu operatives' abduction and torture of the Director for media and publicity in the Ebonyi State People's Democratic Party(PDP) Governorship Campaign Organisation, Mr Abia Onyeike. The judgement ordered the total and immediate scraping of Ebubeagu militia, directing the Department of State services(DSS) and Police to confiscate all arms and logistics in the possession of the Outfit's operatives. It further stated that Ebonyi State house of Assembly has no power to approve such illegal security outfit in the State.

Beginning to recount the atrocities committed by members of this 'criminal outfit' code named Ebubeagu Security Outfit, formed by governors in Southeast Nigeria(Biafraland), is mind disturbing. These criminals held Biafraland under siege, terrorizing the people with impunity. Their activities include wanton destruction of lives and properties, kidnapping, arson, robbery, etcetera. They have usually operated as joint task forces with the Nigerian Police, Army and Civil Defense agents; causing havoc in the region. Ebubeagu has been a killer squad disguised as a security outfit.

Amidst all these, the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) through Emma Powerful(the movement's media and publicity secretary) have released several statements, condemning and calling for the disbandment of this dreaded government instituted terrorists in Biafraland. IPOB have on various occasions declared that Ebubeagu operatives are criminals and must be stopped in Biafraland, thereby calling on the governors to discontinue them and their activities. IPOB have in so many press releases exposed directly the evil intents behind the creation and sponsorship of this killer squad littered across Southeast and sugar-coated as Ebubeagu Security to the public. Some of these ulterior motives as exposed by IPOB includes arresting, harassing, intimidation and destruction of both perceived political oppositions, government oppositions and peaceful agitators.

Ebubeagu have demonstrated so much cruelty by burning people's houses, burning market places, Kidnapping and killing innocent civilians at will. For over two years of Ebubeagu's operation, IPOB have been consistent on reporting and calling for an end to Ebubeagu atrocities in Biafraland. It is on record that Ebubeagu operatives were responsible for the murder of over 14 civilians who attended a wedding ceremony in Orlu, Imo State. Ebubeagu is also responsible for the burning down of Eke ụtụtụ market in Orsu,in same Imo State. The Kidnapping innocent civilians in and around Orlu-Orsu axis and recently the burning down of Ikenga Ugochinyere Imo's home in Ideato, all in Imo State. Ebubeagu is responsible for the killing of a Catholic Priest, civilians and other government perceived enemies in Ebonyi State. These and more are anti people activities carried out by these hoodlums masquerading as state security outfit.

To this end, Ebubeagu is responsible for several deaths, murder and destruction of properties of individuals across Biafraland. IPOB stood alone and lonely in condemning their atrocities and confronting them, while the government controlled media usually give cover to  their atrocities across Southeast. While they move with joint task forces commiting crimes, Fulani herdsmen terrorists were busy maiming and killing innocent civilians across Biafraland without rescue from them, or condemnation from any government authority.

This present court decision proves beyond doubts that IPOB  has been absolutely right for over two years and 5-months about the illegalities and bad motives behind the formation of Ebubeagu in Biafraland. Indeed, this court ruling has vindicated IPOB on her position about Ebubeagu activities in Biafraland. And though this court intervention is coming very late, it is a right step at the right direction.

According to the court, "anyone who henceforth sees a person or persons bearing guns or parading in the name of Ebubeagu should treat them as criminals." 

As the people are well exited for the landmark court judgment, Biafrans must take note of these wonderful developments and report anyone going about as an Ebubeagu operative in Biafraland through the phone lines of enquiry, provided by the IPOB Directorate of State(DoS) 

Written by Oguwuike K. C

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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