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The DOS, The Vitality And Vigor Of Biafra Restoration Struggle

 The DOS, The Vitality And Vigor Of Biafra Restoration Struggle  The Directorate of State(DOS) is the apex leadership and decision making bo...

 The DOS, The Vitality And Vigor Of Biafra Restoration Struggle 

The Directorate of State(DOS) is the apex leadership and decision making body of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). And, according to Oxford Dictionary, Vitality is "the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things" while Vigor means "active physical strength and good health".

Without any iota of doubt, active vitality and vigor is why IPOB have consistently continued to brazenly overpower and outsmart every state sponsored blackmails and infiltration schemes aimed at tarnishing the painfully built reputation of the Biafra freedom movement. This vitality and vigor of IPOB is the DOS.

Apparently, individuals(sincere or dubious) who recently identified with the Mazi Nnamdi led IPOB's struggle for Biafra Restoration, say for two to three years ago, will not understand what the men and women of the DOS represents. So, when some of them talk against these dedicated men and women, one can evidently sight ouse of ignorance and outright foolishness in them.

Over the years, the DOS have shouldered the responsibility of providing every necessary guides and guards for the success of IPOB in the Biafra restoration struggle. The faithful comrades in the DOS have successfully continued to protect the IPOB movement against crimes, criminalities and government-sponsored agents. Some of them have had their lives and that of their family members put in threat, just for the freedom of the Biafran people.

Persons that make up this exceptional leadership of IPOB are individuals that well understand how their call up is not for some fun. They have been dedicated members of IPOB for years, persons who diligently and faithfully rose from different positions and recognitions until they were worthily chosen by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme leader of IPOB, to serve in the position of the DOS. Each of them passed different leadership position tests and huddles before arriving at the DOS table. They did not jump the fence, but patiently waited for their promotion to come.

Every member of the DOS have a history of starting their journey with IPOB by registering at their local units, listening to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, their coordinators, and other leaders in IPOB where they learnt what IPOB represents, the disciplinary codes of conduct, the command and control leadership structure of IPOB. Members of the DOS are the only ones who can tell the history of IPOB and the secret allies of Biafra. And, when they rose to the position of being in the DOS, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu instilled in them the need to guide and guard the Biafra Restoration Struggle jealously, even if it means them giving their lives for it. These faithful comrades were further impressed with the knowledge of how that the lives and survival of Seventy Million Biafrans depends on this IPOB's struggle. So they quite understands that if they allow it get destroyed, it amounts to doom for the Biafran race, even worst for the unborn generations. And if they succeed in hedging the struggle against the oppressors and their sponsored agents, it will means freedom, life, greatness to Biafrans, even the unborn generations as well.

The truth of the popular saying that, "in every twelve, there must be a Judas" cannot be overemphasised though, as it was seen play out in the DOS structure. But, the Judas were just two or maybe three among them who are not able to stand the test of time, very feeble and unreliable, they are just two or three who were easily deceived or perhaps were wolves in sheep clothing, but there have been measures put in place and defences set out for that, even before now. It is know that we are dealing with fallible men, so there is a ditch waiting for anyone who may turn out to be a sponsored government agent.

Many times even in the face of betrayal, threats, lies, deception, defamation, spiritual and physical attacks, blackmails and character assassinations, these men and women have given their lives protecting the heart of this struggle. some of them, and their families are in the hiding because of the wrong narratives and lies carried by sponsored agents of the government about them. To some others, their businesses are closed, yet they are not giving up. They are doing it for the freedom of Biafra. They have been receiving bullets for the Biafran people and standing in the gap for Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader.

I recall Nnamdi Kanu advising and telling the DOS in one of his broadcasts, "You see how they are attacking me now that I am with you, be it known to you that if I am not there the attacks will be directed at you to abandon me and the struggle. So, you must be strong and resilient, knowing that the freedom of our people is at stake"

Truly, all can be assured that the DOS have not failed Nnamdi Kanu, despite the attacks and blackmail from the infiltrators and the Nigerian agent in Finland, even the unnecessary provocations coming from the siblings of Kanu.

If it were not for the resilience of the DOS, the Biafra struggle would have been a forgotten issue, and Nnamdi Kanu abandoned to die in the DSS dungeon.

Every IPOB member took an oath, but the DOS members took an oath to protect the collective oaths, which is the heart of this struggle. It is unfortunate that the government agents and the infiltrators who do not know how IPOB function came with the campaign of calumny against the DOS members, intending to destroy the leadership of IPOB, but thanks to the men of the DOS who stood with the support of the IPOB media warriors and defended the heart of this struggle and defeated the Nigeria government agents and infiltrators. That our men in the bushes are not abandoned despite being denied funding, is the able efforts of the DOS.

The DOS are heroes and deserves respect and honour. Biafrans must learn to recognise and honour them.

Today those who accused them wrongly are under criminal and fraud investigation. Fights and accusation of embezzlement is in their camp as we speak.

May the Almighty Okike continue to sustain the DOS, The Vitality And Vigor Of Biafra Restoration Struggle 

,and always grant IPOB victory over enemies. And above all, grant the freedom Biafra.



Written by Aguocha Chinwendu

Edited and Published by Family Writers Press International

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