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YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Larger Number Of Igbos Care Less About Who Becomes Nigerian President

 YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Larger Number Of Igbos Care Less About Who Becomes Nigerian President I came across a quite laughable perception, contai...

 YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Larger Number Of Igbos Care Less About Who Becomes Nigerian President

I came across a quite laughable perception, contained in the lines of Kemi Olunloyo's tweet on 4th March 2023. It reads;

"IGBO PEOPLE: Stop being bitter, power shifted to a Yoruba man. Work with him. Nothing wrong being a tribalist>>>We have tribes. There are more Igbo kids born in Lagos & SW than in Igboland due to the Biafra war migration. One of them will be a Governor/Prez one day". 

Kemi, to say that Igbos are bitter of a Yoruba president just sounds similar to one of those perversed views I have mostly heard from hateful people that purposelessly detests the Igbo race. It is in the family of other comical statements like, "Igbos are ritualist, Igbos are money lovers, Igbos are drug dealers, etc". Foolishly, persons that carry these deformed views tends to depict that there no individuals from other tribes in Nigeria who have love for money, have engaged in money rituals, deals on drugs or like your latest rant, have expressed some displease for the recently concluded Nigerian selection they call election.

Kemi, like many other myopic characters who would like to delve into bearing baseless malice or want to drag people's name into unnecessary issues, as a means to catch traffic for their Facebook or Twitter stage, do not fool yourself.

Kemi allow me remind to remind you that Igbos are not bittered and will never be, no matter who becomes the president of Nigeria. Of all the tribes in Nigeria, the Igbos are the only tribe that care less about who becomes the president. This of course is resulting from the fact that, 'no matter who becomes the president, Igbo businesses will still be booming in and around the world'.

Did you think the Igbo people care about who rules or fails? To your shock, the answer is a big 'No!' The Igbo will always proudly survive whatever ugly circumstance. As far as everybody go to filling stations to buy fuel, go to markets to buy food, who cares? And if any do, it is absolutely not the Igbo man or woman.

Kemi, you claimed to be a journalist, and you still think that Igbos are bitter of Yoruba presidency. Do you not research? If you never does, have you not also heard or seen how Igbos in Nigeria and round the world have kept excelling in all faces, despite the Nigerian government's deliberate maltreatments? Of all the tribes in Nigeria, which tribe would you compare with Igbos in anyway? Is it in talent, entrepreneurial skills, in development or what?

Since the said Nigeria independence, it's true that no Igbo man has been the president of Nigeria, yet Igbos never went to war to be the president, they never protested to be the president. It is even other tribes that are always embittered at seeing how Igbos are succeeding in Nigeria, not minding how much they are severally denied what is rightfully theirs.

Incase you are ignorant, be aware that Igbos do not need a president as you may think, what they need is an enabling environment where their business will be thriving and booming, not one that burns down all their hard works like Lagos and some parts of the North.

Kemi, it's clear you can no longer hide your bitterness against the Igbos. But, save yourself the stress. Since the existence of Nigeria, no Igbo man has ever become the president. Nonetheless, Igbos are indirectly ruling Nigeria because, without Igbos, there is no Nigeria. If you know this, I think you might have peace.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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