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2023 Nigerian Census And Why It Is Crucial For Biafrans Residing Outside Biafraland To Return Home And Be Counted

 2023 Nigerian Census And Why It Is Crucial For Biafrans Residing Outside Biafraland To Return Home And Be Counted The upcoming Nigerian Cen...

 2023 Nigerian Census And Why It Is Crucial For Biafrans Residing Outside Biafraland To Return Home And Be Counted

The upcoming Nigerian Census is such an extremely important event that will reshape alot about Nigeria, and give of great advantage to the Biafra restoration course. It is a time for the gathering of accurate population informations, which will help the government in national plans. The Biafrans scattered across all Northern and Western States of Nigeria needs to return back to Biafraland to be counted and have their voices heard.

For over a century now, Biafrans have been marginalized in Nigeria, which historically is one of the cause of the Nigerian civil war, often referred to as Biafran War of 1960s. Same marginalisation is still partly the cause of the present agitations for an independent state of Biafra. One of the ways Nigerian government have  marginalized the Biafrans is by undercounting them, referring them as a dot of the Nigerian population. 

The census is a critical tool for planning and development. It provides accurate information about the population, including demographics, education levels, employment status, and other key factors. This information is used by governments to plan for the future, allocate resources, and make decisions about policies and programs.

Biafrans being accurately counted in the census is really very crucial for several reasons:

First, it will ensure that the region is adequately represented in government and political processes. If the Biafrans end up being undercounted, it will automatically aid the  dubious Nigeria government in their usual manner of denying Biafrans the representation they deserve, and will result to Biafran voices not getting heard in decision-making processes.

Second, an accurate census count is necessary for the allocation of resources. This includes everything from government funding for schools and hospitals, to the distribution of electoral districts. If the Biafrans are undercounted, it will be a ground to deny them access to those privileges, which can have a significant impact on their quality of life.

Third, an accurate census count is essential for understanding the needs and challenges of the people. By gathering accurate informations about the people's  population, a government can better understand the unique challenges facing this group and develop targeted policies and programs to address these challenges.

Thus, the importance of census to Biafrans is so crucial, and such that they must make every effort to be counted in their places of origin. This means returning home to their ancestral lands and registering with the appropriate authorities. Given the segregations and denial of rights meted on Biafrans before, during and after the just concluded Nigerian elections, it will be outright foolishness to gift a hostile host state with your population, knowing the fortune it bestows or get sentimentally attached to businesses or properties owned. There is no guarantee that your hostile host state cares about your or business protection and safety. 

Think about this; a Lebanese, a Chinese or an Indian will be better treated than you anywhere in Nigeria outside Biafraland, yet you claim to be a citizen of one Nigeria.

Well, in case you missed it, the reason for the better treatment is because they have a strong homeland. You need to come home and build strong your own homeland. Only  then you will be respected. It is unwise to claim that your businesses will be targeted for destruction. It already has and could not get any worse. Do not allow people that hate you to leverage on your fear.

In addition, returning to Biafraland for the census is an opportunity for Biafrans to reconnect with their roots and strengthen their ties to the ancestral land. This is an opportunity for coming together as a people and to show solidarity and unity. And, this in itself does not suggest abandoning your business outside Biafraland in a fell swoop, but rather an important first step in a series of wise economic steps for decoupling of especially Igbo-Biafrans from a place like Lagos to rebuilding Biafraland.

In conclusion, the upcoming census in Nigeria is a critical event that will shape how things will further unfold in the country. For Biafrans, being accurately counted in the census is essential for demanding greater representation and equal rights.

It is crucial that Biafrans make every effort to return home for the census and be properly registered and counted. While there may be challenges and uncertainties involved, the benefits of being accurately counted far outweighs the risks.

This is an opportunity. Biafrans should to come together as a people, reconnect with their roots, and contribute to the development of their communities.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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