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A Clarion Call To Ndị Igbo And All Biafrans: Heed IPOB Now, For We Are More Closer To The 1966 Scenario Now Than Ever

A Clarion Call To Ndị Igbo And All Biafrans: Heed IPOB Now, For We Are More Closer To The 1966 Scenario Now Than Ever It is popularly said t...

A Clarion Call To Ndị Igbo And All Biafrans: Heed IPOB Now, For We Are More Closer To The 1966 Scenario Now Than Ever

It is popularly said that, "Those who fail to acknowledge history runs the risk of repeating it often times".

We all have seen hapless chain of events unfolded within just this year 2023, ranging from the Election which was ridiculously fraudulent, to the Igbophobic euphoria that followed. And one of the key deducible factors from the above, is the report of the United Nations pertaining the ethnic tensions that erupted uncontrollably before, during and after the elections. This UN report had suggested in the nutshell -- the redefinition of the Nigeria concept by Nigerians. It is not surprising that weeks later, we saw the UN peacekeeping equipments rolling deep into the Eastern region through Edo State.

Although, the Nigerian Army hurriedly came to daunce the degenerating panics, arrogating that the equipments were simply on transist to the UN South Sudan command and had only made the stop in Nigeria for some sort of "Official" clearance before it continued its journey. But, all ideal minds know that the claims of Nigerian army are no different from that of a man who is in a desperate need of sexual intimacy, who will promise anything, if not everything to his female counterpart just to salvage his urge.

Historically speaking, The Mid-Western (present day Edo State & environs) has always served as a strategic buffer zone in every hostility that has always erupted between the Eastern, Western and other regions of Nigeria.

Professor Chinua Achebe, A man generally known as the father of African literature had recalled in his book -- 'There was a country' a personal historical account of the pogroms and bloodlettings meted against the people of Eastern Nigeria after the January 15,1966 coup. He noted that in his flight mode, he had only felt some assurance and security as he approached the shorelines of the then mid Western Nigeria, probably because part of the people in this region shares historic cultural similarities with his own definite tribe (Igbo), he added.

Hence, it could make logical sense to assume that the UN may have discovered this historic & strategic buffer zone and decided to place some of its contingents there-in, should there be any sudden but expected eventualities, having acknowledged the ethnic biases and lack of neutrality that Nigerian security agencies have exhibited most recently in the past election, and also taking into account the invisible and invincible umbrella -- The Eastern Security Network(ESN), esterblished by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Supreme leader of the Indeginous people of Biafra(IPOB) back in 2020 with the aim of curbing the unabated rampage of deadly Fulani terror herdsmen.

The vigilante group, ESN, cited to had been started with around 50,000 members, have grown exponentially in the space of two years into a 200,000 men security apparatus, according to recent confirmed report. These numbers are not only significant, but also symbolic. And these men could be redeployed in self defense to deter the repetition of the 1966 pogroms.

Having in mind that there maybe justice breakthrough as it concerns the rigged Election, probably because of the interventions by certain interested foriegn countries, there is still no doubt that there will be heavy resistance from those tribal bigots who will feel that their golden goose was abruptly snatched away from them. So, do you really think as a Biafran that the disenfranchisement, Lynching, killings and burning of properties that were displayed in Lagos & elsewhere during the elections, will not only intensify after you may have reclaimed your mandate from Mr. Tinubu, a man who threatened to reveal the secret behind Buhari's death if he was not handed over the mantle of leadership, and he was rigged in as the president elect? Does your judgement truly tell you that the Nigerian armed forces who stood idly by watched Political thugs committed all the atrocities elucidated above will swiftly submit their loyalties and command to Mr Obi with detente?

I suggest you have a rethink.

This is why Ndị Igbo & Biafrans at large must heed the IPOB call to retreat & return bellow the buffer zone with our businesses, lives and properties, before the doomsday.

And most importantly, return and heavily partake in the upcoming Nigerian census which is scheduled for May 4th and 5th 2023, to enable IPOB make the estimation of the Biafra populace, to avoid prematurity of logistical plans in confronting the expected challenges ahead.

The most crucial principle in life is the principle of hoping for the best and planning for the worst and that is exactly what IPOB have been doing and have continually strive to do, with almost nothing.

Hence, they deserve the undivided cooperation and support they can get from our people both home and abroad to continue the defense of the collective interest of the Biafra race.

IPOB is the plan A and the plan B.....Dear Biafrans hearken to their call and use them.

Written by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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