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“Government Magic” and The story of Unknown Gunmen in South East

 “Government Magic” and The story of Unknown Gunmen in South East  Sir: Mystery means something that is very difficult to unravel or underst...

 “Government Magic” and The story of Unknown Gunmen in South East 

Sir: Mystery means something that is very difficult to unravel or understand. However, the history of unknown gunmen could be traced to the song of the late Afrobeat Maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, which he titled “Government Magic”.

On February 12, 1977, one thousand (1000) soldiers of Nigerian Army invaded Fela’s shrine, popularly known as Kalakuta Republic. They wounded many people, burnt the shrine, destroyed many buildings and threw his mother – Mrs. Fumilayo Ransom Kuti The first Nigerian/African woman to drive a car, from the storey building downstairs, breaking her legs, an injury from which she eventually died.

The military government of General Olusegun Obasanjo faced heavy criticisms both within and outside Nigeria. Panel of Enquiry was horridly setup and they came up with the conclusion that those who carried out the mayhem were “unknown soldiers”.

Today, so many atrocities have been taking place, especially, in Imo State and Igboland in general. The people and the government are always quick to conclude, pointing accusing fingers either to Ebube Agu/Eastern Security Network (ESN), IPOB or “unknown gunmen”. The question is, who are the real perpetrators of all these heinous crimes in Igboland?

Take Imo state for instance, the Senator Hope Uzodinma’s government has been lamenting that the opposition are behind the insecurity situation in the state. In his 3rd year anniversary speech in office, Governor Uzodinma wondered why insecurity is spotted in Orlu and Okigwe zones, while the PDP opposition stronghold (Owerri zone) enjoy relative peace.

Meanwhile, when I contacted some Imolites, especially those from Owerri zone, they strongly believe that the insecurity in the state is government sponsored. According to them, the governor is the Chief Security Officer in the state. He should provide security to his people. Rather, they said he wants to make his place insecured, in order to rig election in his area, having realized that his people will not vote for him and his APC led Administration. Another allegation coming from the government is that IPOB is behind the political and social insecurity in the South-east.

However, some critics of the APC government disagree with this allegation. They wondered why they keep accusing IPOB. According to an unnamed sourced, “when BAKASSI was disturbing, we saw them with their buses and machetes. We saw OPC militants openly. Today, who can say he has seen an IPOB member openly creating havoc in our Igbo society,  in his family or identify somebody as IPOB member?”

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