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Nigerian Security Forces Not On Peace Mission In The South East - COSEYL Alarms

 Nigerian Security Forces Not On Peace Mission In The South East - COSEYL Alarms The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) have rai...

 Nigerian Security Forces Not On Peace Mission In The South East - COSEYL Alarms

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) have raised alarm over the senseless massacre of unarmed Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) protesters by a joint team of the Nigerian armed force on 31st March 2023. The members of IPOB stormed the streets of Abia State in a peaceful protest against the continued Illegal detention of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom the Nigeria Government  have refused to obey court orders over his case, including the order of the Abuja Appellate Court that discharged and acquitted him on 13th October 2022.

According to Mr. Goodluck Ibem, the President General of the Pan-Igbo sociopolitical group in a press statement published, the act is wicked, barbaric and lawlessness in the highest order. Mr. Goodluck further stated that the true intent behind the series of millitary operations launched by the Nigerian army in the peaceful region has become clear. 

 The statement reads;

"This unlawful killing of 5 innocent Igbos who were wearing white and white as a sign of peace while protesting peacefully without any threat to lives and property shows that the Army and security agencies deployed to the South East are not on a mission to maintain peace but to kill innocent law abiding citizens of South East.

There is no where in the world where armless protesters wearing white and white are killed for being peaceful in their conduct. The evil and wicked killing of five innocent Igbos is more than meet the eye. This means that there is a serious plan to exterminate the Igbo race who have done nothing wrong. 

“It is only the court of law that has the constitutional powers to give order for the execution of any offender.

 So from where did the army derive their powers to execute those peaceful protesters ?"

He also called on the international communities and the United Nations to thoroughly investigate the excesses of the Nigerian security forces against the indegines of South Eastern Nigeria, saying" to be an Igbo by origin has almost become an offence punishable by death.”

“What happened today(31st March 2023), where innocent persons were butchered in broad daylight is a genocide of the highest order. 

We demand for the immediate arrest, sack and prosecution of those security agents who assassinated those innocent Igbos today.The law must take its full course". 

“The same military officers have never for once arrested or gunned down any Fulani terrorist and jihadist killing innocent Nigerians on a daily basis. Their guns and bullets are only active when they see innocent Igbos", he concluded

Meanwhile, IPOB in a Press statement by Comrade Emma powerful, her media and publicity secretary suggests that the number of deaths and abduction were censored and conservatively reported. The statement asserts that over 50 people were massacred while around 30 sustained varying severe bullet injuries, with dozens abducted by the Nigerian security forces.

IPOB says they have been able to retrieve the dead bodies of only 3 dead victims as the Nigerian security forces carried most of the lifeless bodies in a bid to cover up the evidence that may implicate their atrocities.

However, IPOB maintains that those who committed these dastard acts will surely be made to face the full might of justice at the appointed time.

Onyemaechi Gabriel, Reporting

For Family Writers Press International

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