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Ebonyi Communal Crisis, A State Sponsored Crisis To Cede Some Ebonyi Land To Miyetti Allah--IPOB

 Ebonyi Communal Crisis, A State Sponsored Crisis To Cede Some Ebonyi Land To Miyetti Allah--IPOB IPOB PRESS RELEASE, 12/05/2023. The global...

 Ebonyi Communal Crisis, A State Sponsored Crisis To Cede Some Ebonyi Land To Miyetti Allah--IPOB



The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU condemn the politically sponsored communal crisis in Ebonyi State as a deceptive move to hand over a large parcel of land to Miyetti Allah terrorist group for Fulani settlement by the outgoing Governor of Ebonyi State,  Dave Umahi. 

Dave Umahi should know that his tenure is almost over, and we appreciate his achievements in terms of infrastructural development, but we also remember his treatment of Ebonyi indegenes. That can not give him the impetus to set Ebonyi State on fire before he vacates office. IPOB will never succumb to any pressure to allow Fulani to take over any part of land in Ebonyi State or any other part of Biafra. 

Dear Governor Dave Umahi, you should have maintain your peace and vacate because IPOB stands as a watchdog in our territory and nothing can change our resolve never to allow fulani terrorists take over any inch of our ancestral land. 

Dave Umahi and his agents have initiated another ugly Effium/Ezza-Effium crisis using communal land as a trigger. 

One of the reasons this crisis was initiated again between Effium and Ezza people in Ebonyi State is because of the huge land mass of land  in this area in Ohaukwu LGA in Ebonyi State. Dave Umahi promised to hand over some part of this land to Myetti Allah in Ebonyi State for Fulani settlement. He is using some local criminals and Nigerian security agents with some imported Fulani herdsmen to create war among the communites. 

As the crisis is going on, Dave Umahi is mapping out land for Fulani settlement. This can not happen!

One thing is certain, Myetti Allah, who is the patron of the murderous Fulani herdsmen, can not be allowed to have any permanent settlement anywhere in Biafraland. It is better that Dave Umahi knows this and allows peace to reign in Ebonyi State. We will not  allow him to create problems  that will consume many people because of his  political interest. It is sad that as Dave Umahi is desperately pleasing his Fulani political masters, the same Masters have consistently betrayed him. They promised him Igbo Presidency, Vice President, and Senate President, and disappointed him in all three. The useless Igbos  in APC are yet to realize that they have been left behind in the political equation of the islamic APC party.

The  new governor elect must caution Dave Umahi not to set the state on fire for his government. 

Dave Umahi can not use the communal crisis he created as a conduit to carve out community lands for the terrorist organization called Miyetti Allah.  

On no account will IPOB allow Miyetti Allah to have a permanent place in Ebonyi State or any other state in Biafraland. We are advising Dave Umahi to abandon any agreement he had with Miyetti Allah terrorist group for his own safety and the safety of Ebonyi State. 


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