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Nigeria, A State Where Criminality Thrives And Glows Exponentially

 Nigeria, A State Where Criminality Thrives And Glows Exponentially In every country of this world, criminality is seen as a very serious of...

 Nigeria, A State Where Criminality Thrives And Glows Exponentially

In every country of this world, criminality is seen as a very serious offence that remains punishable under relative laws of each country. These laws are made as a deterrent factor to curtail all forms of criminalities, thereby maintaining peace and order amongst citizens living in the country. And once any peace and tranquility order is breached, it is said that the law has been violated and the perpetrators tagged criminal elements, who are liable to be arrested, investigated, prosecuted and if guilty as accused, be charged to face the penalty of their crimes as stipulated by the law.

Criminality varies in forms of Vandalism, Terrorism, Corruption, Murder, Kidnapping, Militancy, Armed Robbery, Oil Thefts, Political Thuggery, Cyber Fraud, Genocides, among others. These offences are designated as grievous, with relative penalties and punishments for criminals who violate their laws in a State. Also, Criminal activities are forbidden by various religious, socio-cultural and ethical organizations.


In modern statehood, Criminality is prevented and checkmated under certain laws enacted by a country or group of countries and enshrined in various explicit documents such as Constitutions, Acts, Conventions, Resolutions, etc binding on all citizens and on member states of the group. 

The maintenance of law in a given state is attributed to the supremacy of the rule of law and this, foster relative peace and order among the citizens within the country.

Regrettably in Nigeria, criminality is not taken as severe and grievous as required nor punishable as stipulated by the laws. Nigeria have maintained an outstanding popularity among nations known for their high rates of criminality and corruption in the world. A recent report by Transparency International on its annual corruption perception Index 2022 edition, had Nigeria cruising on a lowly 150/180 position.

The above is quite a conspicuous testimony to the numerous unending cycle of criminal activities, perpetrated in Nigeria by individual actors and government officials.

Recall that on 19th June 2021, the Buhari led Nigeria Government in collaboration with its Kenyan counterpart committed an international crime of extraordinary rendition against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a British citizen and the leader of Indeginous people of Biafra(IPOB) movement which was renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria.

This incident which bears with it severe consequences on both countries and actors involved, having violated the extradition laws received little or no reprimand from the international community. Rather, the perpetrators of this international crime has not only retained their political posts and careers but receiving awards and hails from global and even protected by law enforcement operatives afterwards. This evokes an obvious collusion wrapped up by the global silence. 

Moreover, the latest display of shenanigans by the criminal, Igbophobic, hungry, oil pipeline guard contract solicitor in Abuja, further cements the notion of the tendencies and gravitation towards criminality and criminal elements by successive Nigeria administrations.

These factors consequently amplifies the assertions of the IPOB leader during his broadcasts on Radio Biafra, where he states that ;

 "In Nigeria, if you are not a criminal you don't have a place in the government".

The verity of the above statement has been evidentially proven to all and sundry with the recent occurrence of events. Nigeria government's glorification and reservations for crime syndicates and characters are untempered, provided that these criminals brings in befitting proceeds.

Nigeria's redemption or salvation is quite unachievable, the corruption trajectory course it plys, is simply irreversible. Hence, the only plausible solution is the support and demand for a referendum to determine and redefine the state of affairs within it, anything less than this will only be futile in the fullness of time.

Written by: Kelechi Chukwuezi Augustine.

Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For: Family Writers Press International

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