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Britain's Sudden Newfound Love For Biafraland, Genuine or Cynical?

Britain's Sudden Newfound Love For Biafraland, Genuine or Cynical? Of course, from a sarcastic standpoint, Foggy Albion has always loved...

Britain's Sudden Newfound Love For Biafraland, Genuine or Cynical?

Of course, from a sarcastic standpoint, Foggy Albion has always loved all of her colonies, in this case, the strategic Bight of Biafra region. But this is only In the context of Mineral and Human resources harvestation and exploration

Right from the antiquity days of slave trade to the contemporary neocolonial moments, Britain alongside her imperial partners have consistently gulped all sorts of crude and raw materials from Bight of Biafra, without dividends or compensating percentage to the local owners naturally endowed with these rare blessings. They have taken unchecked and unquestioned for centuries with impunity as they have done in other parts of the African continent.

Nonetheless, this is not the pivot focus of this piece. But, acknowledgement will be surely given on the sidelines.

Recently, British envoys have been lurking around Eastern Nigeria (Biafra), particularly the SouthEast, infatuating with the State Governors, Sociocultural groups like –Ohaneze Ndị Igbo, with economic investment plans into the region, even publicly encouraging British investors to heavily commit their monetary assets into the region's economy. This is the same United kingdom whose historical antecedent has been all about active, but covert style-sabotage of every genuine attempts to industrialize the Eastern region, or even the wider Nigerian economy.

🔹The disruption of the Eastern region's economy (which at the time was acknowledged to be the fastest growing economy in the world) with the infamous 1966 Coup.

 🔹The moribund state of the first Soviet-era Industrial Initiative in Nigeria – The Ajaokuta Steel mill. 

🔹The fustration of Dr Bartholomew Nnaji Electricity revolution in the East, that could have lead to energy sufficiency to the region.

 🔹Subversion of Dr Ezekiel Izuogu locally manufactured automobile –The Z-600 prototype, and how his IP manuscripts, moulding tools were stolen by Unknown armed men that till date were never identified, since there was no investigations after all. 

Coupled with the damning recent revelation of the Nigeria statesman and former president, Olusegun Obasanjo about how the dominant British petroleum company– Shell BP has been instrumental in the years-long decadence obtained in the Nigerian petroleum refining industry. 

All these allures to bare, the faithful commitment of Britain and the collective West to the insurance project of deindustrialization of its former but retentive colony. Thus, the anxious questions about the sudden interest of Britain in the revitalization of Eastern economy are not unfounded and the inquisitiveness deserves admonition.

While some waves out this development as merely "Great Britain" trying to seek atonement for her past trespasses against the Biafra people, there could be a strong contention, opposing narrative to that line of thought.

First, Britain's Condescension pedigree is still remorselessly outstanding. Irrespective of her historical track records of carnage against Non-hostile Indeginous population around the world, she has continuously laundered and positioned herself as being part of the global influential "Defenders Of Human rights", even without apology or proper recompense to the victims of her ugly past and actions. Thus, the scenario of some Public-relations project at play is highly unlikely, Yet not overruled.

However, to highlight the plausibility of the opposing narrative, further credence could be drawn from the argument of the outspoken former African Union ambassador to the United States – Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, who argues that the colonial West are not ready to leave the resourceful African continent irrespective of the Anti-Imperialism sentiments reverberating in the minds of Africa's younger generation, rather they will alternatively deploy "coercive economic soft power", to continue to exert hegemonic control in the economies of these emancipating, developing nations.

 Something comparative to reasons behind, CIC Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party agitations and grievances; about the dominating presence of the "Boer" population in the economy at the detriment of the Black Community in South Africa.

Hence, there could be a likelihood of a sinister plot by Britain to strategically or even legally– to put it mildly– occupy the key sectors of the Eastern region's economy, in case of sudden, but expected eventualities. This explains the romancing antics with the current political leadership in the region, who are desperately in need of these investments to prove to their voters how efficient their respective administrations have become and galvanize their support for their next political aspirations, even though these policies, "when critically observed" could pose a greater danger in the near or distant future.

This indicates that the Clarion call made by the Indeginous People Of Biafra(IPOB), behesting Biafrans in the diaspora to relocate their investments to the region and strengthen their position in the key sectors of the economy are more important now than ever, and should be intensified. 

Yes, every Country in the world welcomes Foriegn Direct Investments (FDI) to boost their economic growth. Biafra is no exception. However, it will be great shame that after putting up a good fight for freedom, we end up becoming "economic hostages" to our former colonizers. Therefore Africans at this critical time of their revolution must be careful, not to fall into the  snare of Imperialism again, under the guise of western investments without taking to account the possible devastating impacts this could have on the National security, Independence and Strategic autonomy.  

Written By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi 

For Family Writers Press International

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