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Witch-hunt Of Biafrans In Nigeria: Why Only Biafra And Synergy Of The East Can Save Us All

 Witch-hunt Of Biafrans In Nigeria: Why Only Biafra And Synergy Of The East Can Save Us All Building belonging to Igbo Business man in Lagos...

 Witch-hunt Of Biafrans In Nigeria: Why Only Biafra And Synergy Of The East Can Save Us All

Building belonging to Igbo Business man in Lagos demolished by Lagos govt

Following the resumed wanton destruction in recent weeks, of Igbo businesses and residential structures in various cities in Western, Northern Nigeria. Precisely Lagos and Abuja - the Federal capital territory, by vindictive ultranationalists from the Yoruba stock in collusion with the age-long caretakers of Nigeria – Sokoto caliphate, who clinched onto power again after 8 years of Buhari's brutality. It is therefore imperative to emphasize the need for Ndi Igbo, Biafrans in general to accept the reality and be conscious of the time we are in.

For the past eight years, the Buhari's administration has hidden its detest for the Igbo Nation in plain sight, using the pretext of fighting the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Self-Determination movement. Many Igbos especially, the political elites and diasporians ignored this deadly salvo, some of them at some point applauded it. This very deplorable trait of individualism has bedeviled the Igbos for decades, and has enabled their foes to get away with carnage against their collective interest without any consequences. The apathy for social or national cohesion that exists amongst Igbos, People from the East is one of the main reasons why the witch-hunt against them continues unabated, with devastating impact overtime. 

Even to themselves as entrepreneurs scattered across the Nigerian landscape. There is no synergy of solidarity amongst them, though they are consistently faced with spontaneous and coordinated threats of destruction of their lives and properties. In today's world, a single act of ethno violence against a Jew, immediately prompts a chain of reaction from Jews around the world, who rises to stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism. Same goes to the Muslim folks who often rally against Islamophobia occasionally, when the cause and need arises. 

But, how many times have unaffected Igbos/Biafrans in Lagos, Abuja or elsewhere rallied in solidarity with their own who are affected at the moment? How about those in Homeland, any spontaneous or coordinated reaction? What about Igbo People in the diaspora especially in the Western countries – where it is said that democracy and Human rights protection are prioritized, how far have the various Igbo Communities or groups in these countries gone in lobbying or decrying the vindictiveness being meted on their kind in Nigeria? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fast forward to the contemporary Bola Tinubu's administration, the nefarious policy of "The Final Solution To The Igbo Entrepreneurial Establishments" (although genuinely acquired) in Lagos and elsewhere which was hinted and illustrated by his lieutenant, Kasheem Shettima in his infamous Kunle and Alhaji leaked telephone conversation few years ago, is now beginning to take flesh as promised. 

Be it as it may, but the signs were glaring enough for the people to have acted proactively. Many conscientious voices including Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had repeatedly advocated for Biafrans to relocate their businesses down East, ahead of doomsday, but all fell on deaf ears as they continued to acquire and expand their coast in a land where they are loathed with vigor.

However, As the Nigerian political commentator and social critic, Shehu Mahdi aptly opined in a tweet on X social network with regards to the recent destruction of properties in Lagos by the Sanwo-Olu led Lagos State Government; 

"The earlier Igbos realize that they are not wanted in Lagos, the better. Go back home, invest more, & prepare for an Inevitable Biafra". 

More context to be added to the above is that the vindictiveness is not only aimed at the ethnic Igbos in particular, rather the entire people from the Old eastern region within the boundaries of early 1960s [Not present-day South East]. In the absence of the Igbos, they are the next on the target list. In fact they are all classified as the Igbos except on occasions when the political juggernauts in North and West decides to play the tribal divisive card, so as to enable supine exploitation, and to strengthen their own political positions at the Federal level. The massacres/genocide of 1966-70 is a self-evident example of how there is no distinction between easterners, whenever it comes to defending their ultranationalist interests or salvaging their mediocrity and nepotism.

Thus, while all and sundry from the East brace for an Inevitable Biafra. We all must begin to cultivate the spirit of solidarity, camaraderie towards each other in times of distress and devotion to core collective national interests. Nationalism in this case is not that of Nigeria – as it does not exist, no one practices it, not even those who chants the "One Nigeria" chorus repeatedly. It is the nationalism of the East. Since we find it uneasy to unite on the basis of our cultural and historical ties, then the threat to our collective survival by supposedly fellow countrymen should unite us. 

Make no mistakes, The Enemy knows us better than we know ourselves. They understand the magnitude of strength a united East poses, exactly what they have enjoyed for decades with their synergy in the North and stretching ties with the West. Reasons they have continually sabotaged attempts to unite the East. It is left for the Eastern people to stand to their gimmicks and say enough is enough or continue to fawn in despair while they destroy what is left of them.

Written: By Enenienwite Ikechukwu

For: Family Writers Press International

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