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Agitation For Biafran Sovereignty And The Dire Need To Jettison Emotional Outbursts And Face Realities

Agitation For Biafran Sovereignty And The Dire Need To Jettison Emotional Outbursts And Face Realities Biafran restoration project is one of...

Agitation For Biafran Sovereignty And The Dire Need To Jettison Emotional Outbursts And Face Realities

Biafran restoration project is one of the most herculean tasks of the century, which naturally involves several challenges as; psychological preparedness, physical realities, international representation and more. These values and qualities are prerequisites to achieving the long term goals of this form. They are the objective needed from both the pioneers, leadership and supporters of the restoration movement.

As it stands, the Biafran Freedom Struggle has been erroneously affixed with too many unguarded emotional pronouncements, utterances and dispositions by alot of individuals and sympathizers. Many have started alluding that the Biafra Struggle is one where too many wishes and sentiments would prevail, not minding the current realities facing the struggle. As such, this article intends to highlight these anomalies following the series of expositions made by Mazi Chinasa Nworu on Radio Biafra Broadcast of 27th January 2024, as updated by Family Writers Press International(FWPI). 

During the Radio Biafra live broadcast anchored by Mazi Jonathan Chinedu, Mazi Chinasa Nworu admonished Biafrans about the need to discard certain emotional outbursts and expectations they carry around towards the struggle, to boldly prepare their minds and face realities on ground as a way to prevent falling prey to local and international manipulations.

In his exact words, "We are realistic in everything we are doing as the Leadership of this great movement. And, we want our people to face the reality and stop being easily deceived". While acknowledging the preparedness of the leadership to face head on the challenges encircling the struggle, Mazi Chinasa enjoins Biafrans to follow the tides of events as it is in the world, especially in national and international politics.

In this regard, Nworu states that, "Interests in international politics or geopolitics cannot be achieved with emotions, sentiments or false sense of belonging in a place you actually do not belong. Majority of our people believe that if something happens today, Israel or America will come to help us because we carry their flags, but that is untrue. This is because their interest is parallel to ours. This is a rational and unemotional fact. America played a major role in the kidnap of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The moment Mazi Nnamdi Kanu left America, the US government barred Onyendu from re-entering America. This is a country that Lai Mohammed bragged that Nigeria government spent over 600 million dollars to bribe. Are you aware that US government also banned Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's wife from going to US to campaign for the release of her husband. They also revoked the travel documents of Kanu Junior, the son of Nnamdi Kanu".  

He further stressed on the ignorant attachment of our people to Israel, saying; "For public awareness, may it be known that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was not accepted by the State of Israel after the attack on his home on September 14th 2017, where he was smuggled to safety. Kanu latter gained access into Israel legally, but Israel refused him asylum. They rather told him to kindly exit the country quickly through which ever means he entered. Infact, they yielded to the pressure of Nigeria government, but played smart by not arresting him like Nigeria requested from them. And subsequently, Israel deported the then Nnamdi Kanu's personal assistant and banned him from entering Israel for 10 years". 

"Even in spite for the massacres going on in Biafraland, all the killing of people by Wike in Igweocha, yet the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria met Nwike few months ago for the preservation of Nigeria. The Israeli Government arrested the IPOB National coordinator in Israel after the rendition of Nnamdi Kanu and have never granted any Biafran asylum till date".

"I am not saying all these so you will hate Israel, rather to help you lower your expectations from a country that does not care if you live or die. Infact, Israel asked Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to leave Israel the way he came." 

" Our first satellite was an Israeli company, and they sold the satellite to Dangote as soon as Nigeria government bribed them. I am not going to talk about the name of this country that many of you come online to insult, but they are the reason we are broadcasting today. Ask anybody in Israel; Israel has refused to grant any Biafran asylum. I am not telling you to attack Israel, I am just asking you to lower your expectations. As a policy, the Israeli government does not support us. This is quite different from citizens who may be sympathizers. For your information, the Israelis supplied Nigeria with mortar bombs during the Bịafran Genocide, these bombs were heavily used against us. They do not care about us. And for the sentiments that some Israelis helped us, a lot of people helped us during the war. The Irish, French, Portuguese, Yorubas, and even some Northerners fought on the Biafra ranks during the war. It does not mean their nation of origin are our friends".

Meanwhile, Mazi Chinasa Nworu concluded by asking the following question, "Since the restoration of Biafra is no more about Nigeria and Biafra; It is now on the stage of international politics and one has to be smart and strategic. For example, now that South Africa is having a legal battle with Israel, if you live in South Africa, do you think the South African government will be nice to you if you are waving Israeli flag in Johannesburg? ". 

At this juncture, therefore, it is important to note that it is high time Biafrans offload all their unnecessary expectations that does not reflect the current events in the world. Age long sentiments and promises should be revisited and reviewed to meet the realities playing out in our time. Biafra Restoration project is akin to the realities on ground. And, inorder to reach that victorious end, Biafrans at large must jettison emotions and apply their proactive measures in accordance with the foregoing realities facing the struggle. Time for emotional dispositions and utterances are hereby gone. As the world continues to evolve, we must endeavour to follow suit, accordingly as it protects and preserves our collective interests as a people, both locally and internationally.

Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi, reporting

For Family Writers Press International

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