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Miyetti Allah Lunch Of Nomad Vigilante Is Another Fulanization Agenda That Must Be Resisted - #IPOB

 Miyetti Allah Lunch Of Nomad Vigilante Is Another Fulanization Agenda That Must Be Resisted - #IPOB #IPOB PRESS RELEASE  19th January 2024 ...

 Miyetti Allah Lunch Of Nomad Vigilante Is Another Fulanization Agenda That Must Be Resisted - #IPOB


19th January 2024

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great prophet and liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu has been drawn to the lunching of the so-called Nomad Vigilante group by a Fulani terrorist sponsor Miyetti Allah in Nasarawa State of Nigeria. 

IPOB is not against anyone, group, or ethnic groups for setting up vigilante groups to defend themselves since Nigeria's security architecture have been heavily compromised and failed and infiltrated by terrorists and sponsors. However, we are concerned about the code name and the stated mission behind the formation of the Fulani vigilante group formed by Miyetti Allah. From their stated mission, this Fulani Nomad Vigilante group formed by Miyetti Allah will work with the Nigerian Security Forces to secure and protect the country. It means that the agenda is to Nationalize the Fulani Nomad Vigilante.

How can a known terrorist group that is terrorizing the entire country form a security outfit to secure the same people that they are terrorizing?

Recall Miyetti Allah had proposed to form a Fulani Vigilante to operate across the entire States in Nigeria during the fulanized and murderous government of late Buhari. That was the reason the then Fulani Cabal's government of late Buhari gave Miyetti Allah terrorist organization 100b Niaira to acquire arms and ammunition. We are sure that with the cash award of 100b Naira and the billions they have realized from kidnapping ransom payments, they have acquired enough arms and ammunition to launch their agenda of nation-wide jihad against Nigerians. It is, however, sad that President Tinubu is a Fulani stooge to continue the fulanization conquest agenda. Yoruba president Ahmed Bola Tinubu will support them because if he fails to support them they will remove him the seat, Nigerians its unfortunate lets see what is going to happen in Nigeria soon. 

Miyetti Allah

The new idea of recruiting terrorists and bandits into what they branded as Nomad Vigilante is another strategy to finalize the entire Nigeria since RUGA was defeated. Any state that allows the deceptive Fulani terrorists and bandits to take over their forest and bushes as Nomad Vigilantees is doomed and conquered. Therefore, IPOB is calling on all the indigenous peoples in Nigeria to wake up and resist this conquest agenda of the Fulani invaders using the name of National Nomad Vigilante. If you don't want to continue the mass burial of your people, wake up now and resist any Fulani vigilante in your state. Do not trust in the government of Tinubu to defend you because the government is compromised and fulani government operating. 

However, IPOB worldwide, IPOB leadership, and ESN Operatives wish to warn Miyetti Allah to stay off every inch of Biafra territory with their Nomad terrorists vigilante group. Anywhere we see, Fulani terrorist Vigilante within the South East, South South, and other Biafran territories, we shall treat them as terrorists that they are. 

Any day we see the resemblance of any Nomad terrorist vigilante in Biafran territory, we shall teach them the lesson of their lives. ESN Operatives have antidote to the Fulani madness. IPOB and ESN are ready to cooperate with the Middle Belt leaders and organizations to stop the fulanization agenda within their region, when they are ready. The latest Fulanization agenda must be resisted by Indigenous Peoples who want to survive. 

The new finalization agenda using the nomad terrorist vigilante group is dead on arrival in Biafra territory. Miyetti Allah should know that Biafran Land is a no-go area for their agenda. We defeated their previous agenda of flooding our forest and bushes with terrorists and we shall also defeat this current deceptive agenda of flooding bushes and forest with Fulani terrorist vigilantees. We advise them to bury their evil agenda in their territory because it would not fly down here in Biafraland. 


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