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Biafrans Be Wise; Hunting And Noise Never Goes In Unison

Biafrans Be Wise; Hunting And Noise Never Goes In Unison This period in which we are is so very critical and such that require utmost consci...

Biafrans Be Wise; Hunting And Noise Never Goes In Unison

This period in which we are is so very critical and such that require utmost consciousness.  It is a time we watch several shocking events unfold with such a speed of light that one must be strategically positioned in order to remain in touch and control of situations and their possible outcomes in his pathway. 

Following the recent general hardship ravaging Nigerian, orchestrated by the daily skyrocketing cost of living, we have witnessed that it appears the effects is telling more on some regions in the country where protests and strikes have begun. With North and South West bearing heavily the effects of the hardship, South - East have witnessed a minimal effect of its own share on the Easterners. This have led to what appears as though some Easterners are making mockery of the situation, while the North and West are cunningly pleading for East to join them in protest against the government of Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a Southwesterner.

However, it is important to note that since over five (5) decades ago, Easterners have been maneuvering economic strangulation policies from both Western and Northern cabals ruling the Nigeria. It is palpable to understand that the effect of the current realities in Nigeria is not going to have heavy blows on Easterners due to their harsh economic survival instincts and skills developed over the years of deliberate marginalization and injustices. This in ironical disposition explains why the mockery celebrations from some quarters are urging the situation in the country.

Suffice to say, Easterners must understand that as bush hunters in the Nigerian State, we must remain calm, with absolute decorum, move with consistency without unnecessary attractions and distractive noises. This is because with our calmness, we would not be distracted easily by the twilight of events that shapes the struggle we are in. We would be able to decipher what we want out of the situation at hand. Carefulness and propriety is expected of us in this trying time. We should not aggravate or endanger ourselves, interests and properties, out of exuberances.

This calls for avoidance of unnecessary attractions and distractions as seen in the unwarranted mockery celebrations going on in various parts of Igboland and on social media. These noises could get us loose focus on the ball, and or indirectly fuel another level of Igbophobic agenda against our people outside the East. As the tension and polity in Nigeria is eagerly searching for avenue to prey on the East as scapegoat.

The present ugly situation in the Zoo(Nigeria) is preparing Biafrans towards reaching our goal. Therefore, we should be smart enough not to jeopardize our positions and interests now or ever. As hunting and noise making does not go together, Biafrans in general should understand that we are encircled by events that tends to shape our struggle. At this moment, noise making will distract our focus, prolong our hunting time in the bush. It will be wisdom for us not to create noises by ourselves, rather we should utilize the quietness or noisiness already in the bush to hit our target unscathed.

At the end, it shall all end in praises, but we must be wise.

Written by Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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