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ANTI OPEN GRAZING: Tinubu Reconciles With Northern Caliphate, Agrees To Play Along With Northern Agenda To Save His Political Interests

 ANTI OPEN GRAZING: Tinubu Reconciles With Northern Caliphate, Agrees To Play Along With Northern Agenda To Save His Political Interests It ...

 ANTI OPEN GRAZING: Tinubu Reconciles With Northern Caliphate, Agrees To Play Along With Northern Agenda To Save His Political Interests

It is no news to concerned individuals in Southeast that the recent Federal government's approval of billions of naira to the North for ranching was a charade to encourage the activities of these Fulani herdsmen terrorists in the country. Northern elites and their governors despite these huge amounts given for opening ranches in their respective states are yet seen lobbying Tinubu to give a presidential directive to all state governments for a possible land allocation for open grazing in their respective states. The  age-long insatiable political dispositions of Northern elites in Nigeria has been emboldened since the Niger-Nigerian fallout was brought under control as indices show that North is gradually reuniting with Tinubu's government to further push their joint hate and anti-Igbo policies in Nigeria. 

Permit me to assert that we're witnessing a secret reconciliatory reunion between Tinubu and his Northern lovers and the agenda is to use Southeast as scapegoat. This consequently, led to the removal of various sanctions slammed on Niger Republic by ECOWAS, restoring power supply to Niger and opening it's borders with Nigeria by Tinubu's government, though it's understandable that both Britian and France were not excluded in reaching this compromise.

However, this to an extent, reveals those behind the scene to the purported Tinubu's announcement directing state governors to allocate land for ranching in their states. Is this not an obvious sign that the quarrel between the two lovers has been settled behind the back yard? Thus, Northern Caliphate conspires with Tinubu's Yoruba hijacked government to advance their Islamization/Fulanization agenda in Nigeria especially in the East.

Tinubu, with his divide and rule political style has succeeded in cooling off the rift the Niger junta created between him and the North. Meanwhile, recall that there was plausible anti-Tinubu sentiments in the North since the relocation policy to transfer major institutions from Abuja to Lagos began. That development resulted in the gruesome murder of Yoruba monarchs, kidnapping of school children, etc, that took place in Southwest which served as a warning statement to Tinubu over his anti-North policies. Tinubu issuing a directive in the interest of Fulani caliphate agenda as against the collective interests of other indigenous peoples and ethnicities in the Contraption, isn't just a mere politicking. Is it not clearer now with the gradual reconciliatory process we have seen lately who were behind those heightened atrocities, kidnappings, massacres of people in the north weeks ago?

It suffices to say that the recent reconciliatory moves between Tinubu and Northern region is to perpetuate the contraption's policies of socio-economic  strangulations on Ndị Igbo, Biafrans in Nigeria. The divide between the political elites in the East is the oil lubricating the marginalization of Eastern region in Nigeria. As evidently exhibited by Enugwu state government under Governor, Peter Mba. Rushing to allocate ancestral lands belonging to indigenous Biafrans in the state to Fulani herdsmen is the most unbelievable action expected to come from a conscientious Igbo man. The zeal displayed by governments of Imo, Enugwu and Ebonyi in Southeast, to provide plots of land for ranching despite several outcries rejecting such proposal from the citizens of their states expose the divide and rule game Tinubu is playing in the East, especially in southeast with southeast governors.

However, a stumbling rock rolls on the way to the actualization of these conspiracies and political gimmicks  played by Nigerian government.  IPOB stands in that way to ensure no portion of Biafraland is allocated to marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists under any guise. This policy action by IPOB against Fulani herdsmen terrorists was initiated since 2019, when Buhari government came up with open grazing bill. Till date, IPOB/ESN continues to standout in ensuring Biafra forests, farmlands and communities are safe from activities of Fulani herdsmen terrorists who go about massacring innocent villagers in their lands. 

Recall a press statement released yesterday 14th March, 2024, by Emma Powerful, IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, condemned Tinubu's call for state governors to allocate lands  for Fulani ranching, says it was a careless, thoughtless and great insult to various Indigenous ethnicities in Nigeria. IPOB called on the southeastern governors to disregard Tinubu's reckless call and desist from allocating or selling any land in their states to Fulani for RUGA or Ranching. Warning that any attempt to provide land to Fulani herdsmen terrorists invaders under any guise will be fiercely resisted and the governor dealt with. 

Meanwhile, Tinubu made the call during his political inaugural speech in the opening ceremony commissioning the Agricultural Program in Niger State. Indicating a new possible readiness to embrace and reunite with Northern Caliphate inorder to play by their cards in exchange for them to halt making his government ungovernable with their mass killings and abduction tactics.

Behold Biafrans, North and West are in bed once again to push their agenda and it's time to remain vigilant and calculative under Command and Control of the leadership of this great noble movement, IPOB DOS.

We must continue regardless.

By: Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi

Family Writers Press International

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