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Is The Nigerian Army Simply Unsavvy in Propaganda Against IPOB Or Just Scrambling Evidence For The Bigger Picture?

Is The Nigerian Army Simply Unsavvy in Propaganda Against IPOB Or Just Scrambling Evidence For The Bigger Picture?  The Nigerian Army in a s...

Is The Nigerian Army Simply Unsavvy in Propaganda Against IPOB Or Just Scrambling Evidence For The Bigger Picture? 

The Nigerian Army in a sequel, has continued to release Propaganda Video, picture clips about ongoing operation in Orsu, Imo State to dislodge IPOB/ESN, whom they claim has been a thorn in the flesh of the people.

However, the truth remains that the Indigenous People Of Biafra, (IPOB) is a non-violent freedom fighting movement - its members are civil, do not live in camps rather their various homes not only in Eastern or other parts of Nigeria but across the world.  The Eastern Security Network (ESN) on the other hand albeit being under the sole proprietorship of IPOB, is disallowed to engage in any form of warfare/confrontation either conventional or guerrilla against any Nigeria security agency or outpost as that disarms their proprietor, the legal status of a non-violent movement. 

Instead, they are strictly guided to confront and defend the people from maurading Fulani terror herdsmen, emphatically in Eastern territory and region, regardless of the confrontation or frustration they encounter in either from Nigeria security forces or any other party of interest.

And, over the course of three years, following the kidnap and extraordinary rendition of the IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the sponsorship of agent provocateurs, criminality in the East by the Federal government. The IPOB movement began to announce in 2021 through press statements, publicized Radio programs that it has and was pulling all ESN camps out of these areas, to avoid a misidentification complex, of the ESN and mere rabid criminals by the members of the public.

And, in some cases, The ESN had declared certain the leaders of these criminal gangs wanted for impersonation and crimes against unsuspecting members of the public. E.g the Butuzo who has been the key orchestrator of all the criminality going on in this Orsu axis, in collaboration with the Cheif agent provocateur in Finland, amongst others.

So this begs the question, Does it imply that the Nigerian Security agencies and intelligence, ranging from the NSA, DSS, Army etc, did not take note of all these exposee and get their propaganda scheme right? Why pin a criminal who has been denounced nearly three years ago by IPOB and ESN, on same IPOB?

In the pictorial and video clips made available by the Nigerian Army about its operations in Orsu, one can see bluntly inscriptions of names that has been disavowed by IPOB on various instances. IPOB had dissociated itself, the ESN from any front or armed group called Biafra Liberation Army, but the installations allegedly invaded by the Joint Task Force of the Nigerian Security Agencies, had materials related to this group, and this was well acknowledged in the Situation Report made on the Nigeria Army's official X (formerly Twitter) social handle.

Why In the bid of trying to radicle IPOB, act a very poor, porous amateurish script that can be easily deciphered from the getgo? 

This is where the case of the IPOB Leader comes in. Recall, that since his extraordinary rendition from Kenya, he has been engaged in a legal battle with the Federal government and has secured a "Discharge and acquitted" judgement from the supreme court of Appeal although the Nigerian government has refused to obey but has continued to source for means to bend the Nigerian judicial system to its nefarious will.

Taking cognizance of the fact that, the newly amended charges against the IPOB Leader are said to have been all converted to terrorism-related charges. The ostensible cooperation by the Federal High court to speed up the reversed trial process, brought back to its desk after two years as well as the Court's order for the government to bring up "its witnesses and evidence of terrorism" against the detained IPOB leader. 

It is safe to conclude that the Nigerian government through its security forces has decided to sacrifice their expendable pawns, regardless of how poor and unattractive the scene and process looks, as the reversed trial commencement date (March 20th, 2024) draws near.

The goal to criminalize the IPOB movement, demonize the Biafra struggle and turn the people against it, is ofcourse a priority for the Federal government, but the utmost short-term objective is the imprisonment of the IPOB Leader, as the window for that speedily closing. 

The Nigeria government's reasons for his extraordinary rendition, and continued incarceration continues to appear bizzare in the eyes of the global community as the day goes by. Hence, the need to speed up the process and get a lot of pressure off the back is required. This is a symbolic cum strategic win for them should they succeed.

The IPOB movement having sensed the conspiracy after the travesty of justice that transpired at the Supreme Court on 15 December, 2023, declared a vote of no confidence and rejected further trial of the IPOB Leader in any Nigerian court, in line with the Supreme Court Of Appeal Judgement.

One thing that must be acknowledged is that the evidences for this propaganda ops, are way too amateurishly designed. However, a desperate Federal State - which has exhausted a disproportionate amount of its resources since 2021, amidst daring economic turmoils and insecurity - trying to crumble the Biafra agitation yet swiftly losing its grip over it, no longer cares how attractive its propaganda op looks.

The IPOB movement and Leadership should take not of this developments and do not allow any third party unwittingly or wittingly gift the Nigerian government luxury of succeeding with its plans to jail the IPOB Leader and force the Biafra struggle to take the disadvantageous position.

Family Writers Press International

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