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Nigeria Army Intensifies Deceptive PR Stunt, Using Atrocious Propaganda Against IPOB

Nigeria Army Intensifies Deceptive PR Stunt, Using Atrocious Propaganda Against IPOB In a #viralvideo, the armed operatives of the Nigerian ...

Nigeria Army Intensifies Deceptive PR Stunt, Using Atrocious Propaganda Against IPOB

In a #viralvideo, the armed operatives of the Nigerian Army were seen on the streets of a popular market in Orsu LGA of Imo State, same region of the state that has been under Nigerian military siege since months back. The Nigerian military have killed and burnt down so many buildings, structures including the Ancestral market of Eke Ụtụtụ in the Same Orsu direction. All these were done under the pseudo pretext of "looking for or combating IPOB/ESN". 

Additionally, Uli, lilu, Orsumoghu, Ukpor, Ihiala have been under same military bombardment since the early days and weeks of 2022, and had prevailed until this moment.

The Indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) & The Eastern Security Network(ESN) under its command have not only denied involvement of any altercation against any Nigerian security formation; be it Military, Police or any other agencies for that matter, irrespective of provocations, but have also on numerous occasions announced that the ESN have no camp in the aforementioned areas. Reasons are because the Nigerian government/Army have decided to use the activities of Trojan horses, agent provocateurs to perpetrate atrocities; which not only expendable Nigeria security operatives deployed are direct victims of the State-sponsored false flag operation to people living in this area.

The end product would be an overwhelming, harsh response from the Nigerian Army, and those who would bear the brunt are invariably the Indigenous people and residents who are under siege of these State-sponsored agent provocateurs. It is all geared towards: 

🔸Sourcing for incriminating evidence to Jail/kill the IPOB Leader, who was kidnapped and extraordinarily renditioned three years ago, but has been a bone in the neck of the government who had thought the process would be swift & easy-going, but the opposite has been the case.

🔸Ensure that the people are oppressed and harassed to the point that, they turn against the Biafra struggle, by seeing it as no longer serving the purpose it was known for; which is to bring about long-lasting change against the subjugation they are currently going through

One must not forget in a hurry; the tales of the atrocities perpetrated during the Nigeria Genocidal war of 1967-70 against Biafra. The Gowon-led Federal government following its agenda to divide the East, and then conquer it, first of all created imaginary state borders (May 27th 1967) which aimed at severing coastal part of the East from the hinterland, 3 days before Biafra declaration of Independence from Nigeria. That was the first stage of Nigeria's atrocious propaganda against Biafra.

And, when the aggression commenced in a bid to blockade Biafra from the outside world, the Nigerian army took camouflage uniforms of Biafran soldiers, moved into these coastal communities, killed, maimed and raped many women. And then turned around to sponsor indigenous mouthpieces from these coastal ethnic communities such as Ken Saro-Wiwa from Ogoni, to speak ill of the resistance, defense and turn the coast against hinterland who are predominantly Igbo. 

The massacres, pogroms of 1966 in the North & West which did not discriminate from who was from the hinterland or coastal region of the East was moved off the limelight & consideration, and the "Igbo domineerers" was highlighted and must be dealt with.

Sadly, these people who were still licking wounds, bought the story, propaganda and actively joined the Nigerian side, to sabotage and quail the Biafra revolution. And, some still holds this grudges as reason for why they will not support the contemporary Biafra struggle; although consultations, revelations of what truly happened, reconciliation are ongoing.

This however did not stop the Nigeria successive governments alongside their western Imperialists friends and sponsors during the war; UK, France, Italy etc from totally destroying the coastal region with devastating, careless oil exploration and leaks.

Unarguably, this part of the world is the most environmentally polluted place on Earth. Aquatic lives are destroyed, and the people whose lands have been destroyed cannot farm and are compelled to drink from the waters they defecate into. Of course, all these goes unreported by the global media because those who perpetrate this carnage, and crimes against humanity are the ones in charge of global media.

Suffice to say, that same Ken Saro-Wiwa who was used against the Biafra revolution, was later eliminated by the same people who used him because he asked for the consideration of the land, environment who was being consciously destroyed by the Western exploiters and for some compensation for his Ogoni people. He was framed and killed by those who less than a decade ago, called him darling. 

Few months ago, the Ogoni Community lost a lawsuit in the UK against the Kingdom's Oil Giant, Shell BP, asking for compensation for what Shell did in their land, against them. The UK Supreme Court threw the case out and abandoned the downtrodden to their miserable fate, the insatiable greed & wickedness of their home companies brought upon these Africans.

Why would the UK Supreme Court, Court of the English monarch, in whose name the colonization of Nigeria amongst other places in Africa was done, rule in favor of the same "subhumans" against their blue eyed civilized explorers, who graciously went there to civilize the place? Your guess is as good as mine.

The gimmicks "Problem-reaction-solution", is an old playbook useful tool for not only the Nigerian government but also the West. It has proved effective for them in various instances and they use it in most cases.

However, it is destined to fail. This generation understands how that works, if the Nigerian army says IPOB is the problem of the people why are they still keeping Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom the Appellate court has ordered his unconditional discharge and acquittal, and in whose name these agent provocateurs are falsely perpetrating these crimes?

Why is the Nigerian army involved in PR stunt, trying to force the people to denounce IPOB under gunpoint, as obtained 58 years ago? 

What is even the major demands of IPOB? Is it not A Referendum for the same people to decide if they wish to continue in a British amalgamated Nigeria or not? 

What are the cause for the agitations? Political emasculation and socioeconomic subjugation. 

Is IPOB an alien movement? Is it not an essential make up disgruntled youths, men women and even children who have decided to stand up against injustice against them, in an attempt to save their younger and next generation.

All of the above, coupled the lessons history has to offer, is why this public stunt will fail. The Nigerian Government is losing its image locally & Internationally and has thus reverted to use its occupational army (by their deeds, dispositions one can call them that) to preach unity.

The People Of The East will not fall for that. 

Family Writers Press International

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