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The Inordinate Quest To Jail Nnamdi Kanu Is Turning Nigeria Into A Rogue Government

 The Inordinate Quest To Jail Nnamdi Kanu Is Turning Nigeria Into A Rogue Government The Nigeria government's unrestrained pursuit to ja...

 The Inordinate Quest To Jail Nnamdi Kanu Is Turning Nigeria Into A Rogue Government

The Nigeria government's unrestrained pursuit to jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by any means has left the train of usual legal battle into a feasible moral and ethical debacle. The government have continued to employ dishonest and destructive measures in their fight against the IPOB leader and his movement. This conscious severe abuse does clearly classify Nigeria as a rogue government. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, known for his outspoken advocacy for the rights of the Biafran people and the call for a referendum to enable Biafrans decide their fate with Nigeria, has been conceived as a thorn in the flesh by Nigeria government. And, from all indications it seems the government is determined to silence Kanu at all costs.

Amongst many failed arguments against Kanu, the government still holds that the IPOB leader is responsible for terrorism in the Eastern part of the country. However, upon a closer examination from an unbiased point of view, it becomes clear that this charge is unfounded and lacks substantive basis because the IPOB leader has consistently maintained a peaceful approach to his agitation, emphasizing the right to self-determination as enshrined in international law. His calls for a referendum to determine the fate of the Biafran people are not acts of treason but expressions of a legitimate desire for freedom and self-governance. This was equally acknowledged by the Nigerian Appellate Court in Abuja on 13th October 2022, and quashed every charges, declaring Kanu discharged and acquitted. Unfortunately, Nigeria State continues baselessly in the attempts to link Kanu to acts of violence or terrorism.

At present, Family Writers Press International(FWPI) is in possession of reliable information indicating the government's reliance on dubious witnesses, including importing imprisoned criminals (especially from Imo State) to testify as instruments of Nnamdi Kanu in terrorism acts. According to our sources, the criminals from Imo State have already been transported to Abuja and the scripts they will act in court against the IPOB leader to study and in return, get amnesty from the Imo State Supreme Court imposed governor, Hope Uzodimma. This is not just a travesty of justice but a mockery of the judicial system. It is a desperate attempt to fabricate evidence and subvert the course of justice. The fact that no IPOB member has ever been convicted of any crime by any competent court, is a testament to the peaceful nature of the movement, and Kanu's leadership.

This malicious approach by Nigeria State did not start today. Recall that the President Buhari administration had put up several of similar false accusations against the IPOB leader at a time, with the Chief Judge of Federal High Court, John Tsoho who sought to carry out secret trial on the IPOB leader. DSS officials where masked to groundlessly testify against the IPOB leader, but was resisted. There are other instances where prostitutes from Abuja where also paid for the dirty job, which later got public through one. In 2016, IPOB intelligence also unveiled the governments plan to import persons from Ghana and Cameron for the same purpose. But, all these kept failing because, they are evil plots against an innocent man. 

The persecution of Kanu is not just about him as an individual, but about the broader issue of freedom of speech and the right to dissent. It sends a chilling message to other activists and dissenters that their voices will not be tolerated. It is a violation of fundamental human rights and a betrayal of the principles of democracy.

Nigeria government's plan to jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unjustly is a show of shame. It is a glaring example of abuse of power, political vendetta, and a disregard for the rule of law. Kanu has not committed any crimes defined by law, and his persecution is a clear case of injustice. It is time for the government to stop this charade that is gradually getting it rogue, and begin to respect the right of all citizens, including those who dare to speak truth to power.

Family Writers Press International.

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