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Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian Judiciary Is A Circus of Injustice and Hypocrisy

Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian Judiciary Is A Circus of Injustice and Hypocrisy Nigeria have been plagued by the activities of various criminal eleme...

Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerian Judiciary Is A Circus of Injustice and Hypocrisy

Nigeria have been plagued by the activities of various criminal elements, ranging from kidnappers to terrorists, bandits – spreading fear and insecurity across the fragile entity. One name that has come to resonate squarely with menace is Hamisu Bala, also known as Wadume, a notorious kidnapping kingpin who abducts unsuspecting members of the public, primarily in northern Nigeria, for ransom.

Despite his criminal activities spanning several states in the country, Wadume was released and welcomed back with open arms, a stark contrast to the fate of others whom are from other regions such as the East and whom engage in a relatively lesser criminal activities than the notorious Wadume.

Comparatively, Evans, another criminal, was sentenced for his crimes – same as Wadume amongst other criminals, bandits terrorists operating with impunity in northern Nigeria.

The difference? Evans was from the East and was from the Igbo stock.

The double standard within the Nigerian Judiciary that favored today's Wadume and condemned to death many other "offenders" from the East including – Barth Owoh, younger brother to Legendary Nollywood actor Nkem Owoh by the Buhari's military dictatorship in 1985, remains prevalent even till this day under the "civilian democratic rule". The strides remains the same.

This raises questions about the fairness and impartiality of Nigeria's judicial system.

Furthermore, Sunday Igboho, the Pan-Yoruba sociopolitical activist who was apprehended and detained by the recently past Buhari's administration was released at the concerted behest of the incumbent president, Bola Tinubu. And this was done without paying so-called due attention to the most lauded legal preludes which insistently has been weaponized and used to continue to justify the incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indeginous People Of Biafra (IPOB) movement. This highlights a pattern of selective justice dispensation in and of the Nigerian Judiciary. 

The above elaborated instances exposes the hypocrisy within Nigeria's judiciary system. 

The principle of justice as told, is expected to be blind to ethnicity bias or social status, yet these cases suggests and proves otherwise. The arbitrary nature of these decisions raises serious doubts about the integrity and credibility of the judicial process in Nigeria.

It begs the following question: does Nigeria's judiciary still have respect for the law it was empowered and still claims to defend? The answer by objectively judging from the above, appears to be a resounding.... No!

Justice should not be a privilege reserved for a selected few based on their ethnicity or connections. It should be accessible to all, ensuring that the rule of law prevails.

In conclusion, the cases of Wadume, Evans, Sunday Igboho, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu highlights a disturbing trend of injustice and hypocrisy within Nigerian judiciary system. 

And, as long as justice is not distributed fairly irrespective of backgrounds, creed or orientation. Peace will remain a distant, if not impossible realization, and resistance will become the order of the everlasting days.

Family Writers Press International

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