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STATE ACTOR POSITION: IPOB Is Now The Entity That Speaks For Biafrans

 STATE ACTOR POSITION: IPOB Is Now The Entity That Speaks For Biafrans It takes the full endorsement of a State for an individual, agency or...

 STATE ACTOR POSITION: IPOB Is Now The Entity That Speaks For Biafrans

It takes the full endorsement of a State for an individual, agency or entity to act  on matters of interest to the very State. People of Eastern Nigeria(Biafrans) have on several occasions proven their endorsement of the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) Movement, as the only trusted entity to speak and act on the behalf of the region. This is a fact that any doubting person can prevail on the world to permit a referendum and prove. So, IPOB has operated from this position and stand-point since a considerable period of time now.

Let it be noted too that IPOB, like the full name implies, is the people while the people is IPOB.

So, after many years of storms in forms of doubts, trials, betrayals, neglects, sabotage, infiltrations and  more which this movement of the people have fought and emerged victorious over, a greater majority of Biafrans whom the movement represents, have come to fully comprehend the genuineness and unwavering of the Movement in their quest for the good of the people, and a restored Sovereignty of Biafra. Biafrans have for years now been heeding every instructions of IPOB, and as well trusted the movement to speak for, and protect the land at times of strange encroachments by enemies of different sorts. 

As obvious now, IPOB is not same as the other self determination or revolutionary organizations you may have read on the papers or your history textbooks. IPOB is an institution that have grown into a full "State Actor" status, both on the National and International stages. Her tentacles are spread across all aspects of Statecrafts; Geopolitics, National and Foreign Policy Making, Intelligence gathering and security, Economic and Socio-cultural formation, as well as attaining Internal Political Stakeholder within Biafraland and Nigeria at large.

IPOB's freedom movement is not just actively operational in Nigeria, the Movement is a global one that cuts across nations, borders and governments of the world. As a non-violent Self determination global family and movement, IPOB is a very big Force no wise one will choose to play games with or ignore during decision or policy making; be them government institutions, politicians, multi-national corporations, foreign government representatives, religious bodies, entrepreneurs and/or individuals alike. 

For instance, in the highly polarized, contentious British-Sokoto Caliphate supermarket called Nigeria, IPOB stands alone in the gap amidst too many subtle existential threats against the indigenous people of Eastern region, challenging the Sokoto Caliphate's Janjaweedisms, ranging from Fulani herdsmen terrorists to their Islamization agenda, the British divide and rule Psychops, Western Manipulations and Politicking - including the Yoruba-Fulani anti-Igbo policies all geared against the well-being of the people of Eastern region of Nigeria(Biafrans).

For such a movement like IPOB to be able to fight on different fronts against enemies with substantial wealth and resources like Britain, the entire West, yet maintain her influence against Nigerian state-sponsored anti Igbo policies, infiltrations, blackmails and sabotages, goes to show how far her Magnanimity and Authority stretches across local and international politics.

Recall that IPOB leadership, the Directorate of State(DOS) frustrated all Nigeria government's plans, Security Forces propaganda and blackmails, especially the Nigerian Army and Police, agent provocateur infiltrations against IPOB structure even before the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2021, till date. The Nigeria government's recruited  armed criminals terrorizing Biafrans with the name of IPOB, ESN, MNK, were all also exposed by IPOB without firing any single shot.

Recall also that the Nigeria government submitted a slanderous 69 paged report of 69 Monday sit at home orders, ordered and enforced by their recruited Agent in Finland with his arm criminals to Institute for Economics & Peace(IEP) international office, which led to their maliciously ranking IPOB as 10th most violent group in their infamous Global Terrorism Index(GTI) report of 2022/2023. But guess what happened. Consequently, IPOB leadership swung into action, which later resulted in GTI reviewing that same report, and made sure that the spurious Terrorism tag was removed on the name of IPOB from IEP's GTI report of 2022/2023

A makeshift or pushover Self-determination movement can never achieve such feat. It requires a huge amount of noble influence like the kind possessed by IPOB to get the IEP review their global statistics report on terrorism. This and many more unannounced developments summarily earned IPOB the authority of a 'State Actor' she wields today in Nigeria and round the world. 

The reality on ground which many individuals hesitate to acknowledge is that IPOB is now a giant masquerade in the socio-political sphere of Nigeria and beyond. Her influence is undeniably magnanimous in the Eastern region, with emphatic Control in the Southeast. 

Therefore, it is time for Biafrans and the general public to understand that IPOB is more than a pushover self determination movement they deduce her to be. For the umpteenth time, Igbo politicians et al should stop hiding under their political ego and rather acknowledge the reality staring at their faces concerning IPOB's "State Actor" position in Eastern region. The demand for a UN supervised referendum remains the focal point of the IPOB led by the incorruptible leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu.The earlier this fact is widely recognized in Biafraland, Nigeria round the world the best for the Future.

Written by Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Family Writers Press International

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