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Aba Attack: Unveiling The Ongoing Collusion Between Miyetti Allah And The Nigerian Military Using Covert False Flag Operations, Criminality and Insecurity To Destabilize Southeast

Aba Attack: Unveiling The Ongoing Collusion Between Miyetti Allah And The Nigerian Military Using Covert False Flag Operations, Criminality ...

Aba Attack: Unveiling The Ongoing Collusion Between Miyetti Allah And The Nigerian Military Using Covert False Flag Operations, Criminality and Insecurity To Destabilize Southeast 

In a global world replete with high level of manipulations, covert guerilla operations, proxies and false flag strategies usually carried out by security and intelligence agencies, organizations and institutions; have continued to raise concerns on the validity and objectivity behind what is reported as Truth about an event being made available for public consumption. In this regard, many false flag strategies and operations are orchestrated to conceal ulterior motives, clandestine agenda and oppressive policies while information manipulation is being deployed to control and monitor public discussions, perception and views on the subject using agents of information dissemination as remote tools. Security Forces, intelligence units and institutions often collaborate with each other in perpetrating these manipulative, criminal and violent activities, especially when there seem to be a shared agenda or motive behind the scene.

This brings our torchlight onto the prevalent polity in the East, especially in the Southeast region, where layers of recorded joint false flag strategies which were hideously carried out by Miyetti Allah in cohorts with the Nigerian Military; to be brought to the fore. 

The dark reality in Southeast is that the forces against the region are hiding under covert guerilla operations to incite unrest, worsen criminality and aggravate the general insecurity in the region. To not only demarket the region from attracting developmental growth and advancement but also to ensure that there's an unending state of turmoil in the region used in blackmailing the collective well-being of the region, Biafra agitation and IPOB altogether.

In the light of the above, this article aims at highlighting as well as revisiting the various spots of unseen collusion between the Miyetti Allah terrorist group and the Nigerian Fulani controlled Military within the shores of Southeast.

These testaments of sensitive collaborations between the Nigerian government, Nigerian Fulani controlled military with the Miyetti Allah terrorist group, are a collection of primary information gathered from thorough investigations conducted by Family Writers Press International, to expose the hidden secrets held by these institutions and groups behind the now trending Aba false flag attack.

1: Elements Of Connivance Between The Nigerian Government, Military and Miyetti Allah Terrorist Group Across Nigeria.

To start with, the Nigerian government and her military with other security forces have not in any moment till date condemned, attacked or declared war on Fulani herdsmen terrorists controlled and managed by Miyetti Allah terrorist group despite the group's history and penchant to engage in violent activities and massacre of unsuspecting indigenous peoples' in various parts of Nigeria. It is on record how the Nigerian Army and other sister agencies collude with the herdsmen terrorist group to maim and massacre innocent Nigerians. It is obviously recorded how the Nigerian military, police feign criminal silence to Fulani terrorism. Instead of neutralizing these insurgents, they provide them with logistics and tactical cover by going after community vigilante groups pursuing and checkmating these Fulani herdsmen terrorists; and also use political power and Media to shield the marauding Fulani herdsmen terrorists from public blame and condemnation. 

In places such as Ụzọ Uwani, Eha Amufu, Nsukka all in Enugwu state; Ezza, Ikwo, Ezza, etc in Ebonyi State, including other parts of the Southeast, have a history of terrorist activities of these Fulani herdsmen terrorists, yet in no time has the duplicitous Nigerian government, her Fulani controlled security operatives gone into the bushes to rescue these innocent defenseless people under Fulani herdsmen attacks. Despite numerous distress calls put across to these security agencies, there has not been any reported incident where a victim of Fulani herdsmen attack was rescued by the Nigerian Army or police. These are undisputable evidences that exposes the connivance between the military and the Miyetti Allah terrorist group. The Nigerian government, security forces aid and abet Fulani terrorism in Nigeria perpetrated by Miyetti Allah terrorist group. 

2: The Fulani Vindictive Policy Against IPOB/ESN Operatives In Southeast.

It is no news that the Nigerian government and her Fulani controlled security forces in conjunction with Miyetti Allah Leaders are out on a vindictive vendetta on IPOB, ESN and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; for floating a vigilante security outfit determined to frustrate their Fulanization and Islamization agenda in Nigeria, and Eastern region in particular. This shared agenda of Fulanizing Nigeria having been thwarted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB'S foresight, demonstrated by their establishment of Eastern Security Network, ESN; to protect the Eastern region against Fulani terrorism; became a stumbling block for the actualization of this evil plan, hence the Nigerian army embarked on a state sponsored blackmail troll against ESN operatives.

3: Independent Indictments.

"The armed forces are not neutral, they collude with the armed bandits that kill people, kill Nigerians, they facilitate their movement, they cover them, if you are depending on the armed forces to stop the killings, you will all die one by one". A revelation made by Former Chief Of Army Staff, Gen. T Y Danjuma on Channels TV, July 3rd, 2022.

"I was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen working with Nigerian soldiers in the night but disguise as herders in the day. I paid 100 million ransom for my freedom". A revelation made during press interview by Methodist Prelate, His Eminence, Samuel Kanu Uche, June 1, 2022. Vanguard.

Nigerian soldiers busted for sharing N100 million ransom paid by Deji Oyewunmi, abducted Kaduna train passenger--Peoples Gazette July 27, 2022 .

These above extracts underscore all one need to know why the herdsmen terrorists were codenamed "Bandits" by the Nigerian government and the collusion between the Nigerian government, security forces with Miyetti Allah terrorist group. The onus of the matter is the continuous use of media manipulation to shield these terrorists while they massacre and destabilize the Southeast. It is obvious for the blind to see the reason why the army haven't declared war on Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, but are out to tag every false flag crime they perpetuate in Southeast on IPOB/ESN. 

Furthermore, it's high time the people of Eastern region, especially Ndị Igbo in Southeast rally round and support IPOB/ESN for the safety of the region from Fulani terrorism. The use of false flag crimes in Southeast such as the Aba Army attack, remains the handiwork of the above exposed collusion between Miyetti Allah terrorists and the Fulani controlled Nigerian government and security forces to blackmail Abia State Government, the Southeast region and Biafra agitation championed by IPOB. Government recruited agent provocateurs, fifth columnists and infiltrators are under the payroll of these elements to cause chaos and perpetuate criminality in Southeast. However, IPOB leadership and the Eastern Security Network are determined to flush these criminal elements out of the region in no distant time. The time to do the needful is now. Delay is always dangerous.

Support ESN for the safety of Ala Igbo by donating via 

Family Writers Press International

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