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Bernie Sanders: America is “Not” Great!

Bernie Sanders: America is “Not” Great! "Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore Hatred of America and demonization ...

Bernie Sanders: America is “Not” Great!
"Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Hatred of America and demonization of patriotism are the attributes that the Democrat Party has chosen to embrace. Not only does this allow the left to contrast with the president, but hating American patriotism also enables Democrats to promote their socialist narratives.

Within the field of 2020 Democrats, Bernie Sanders is one of the most outspoken socialists. Sanders, by his own admission, doesn’t know how much Medicare-for-All will cost taxpayers, yet he’s still OK with sticking the bill to anyone who earns more than $29,000 on an annual basis.

During a 60 Minutes interview, the socialist candidate shared some very interesting thoughts about his outlook on our country, documents Breitbart News.

According to Sanders, America is “not great,” although, he maintains that his presidency would make America great. Sadly, the 2020 Democrat’s idea of greatness entails eroding individual liberties and forcing government into every aspect of citizens’ lives whether we like it or not.

Why Doesn’t Sanders Believe in the Greatness of America?
The 2020 Democrat cited economic issues, such as homelessness and Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, as reasons why our nation is “not great.”

What Sanders conveniently declined to mention is the extent to which the economy has prospered under President Trump. Since Trump’s time in office, wages, the stock market, and employment numbers have reached record highs while unemployment is at historic lows across the board.

The socialist candidate’s next point involved how his father worked hard and made a lot of money. The irony here is that while Sanders’ father had this opportunity, Sanders himself doesn’t believe that the American people should be able to work hard, earn income, and have access to upward mobility.

Socialism and hatred of capitalism are core tenets of what Sanders stands for; in both the short term and the long term, the replacement of capitalism with socialism only guarantees failure and poverty, while stunting ambition, innovation, and the possibility to make something of oneself.

The Greatness of America vs. Democrat Candidates
Democrat candidates, especially radical socialists like Sanders, are politically motivated to talk about America as if this country is so terrible. By presenting the United States as this evil, oppressive nation, Democrats are then able to exhibit their far-left socialist proposals as the solutions. Unfortunately, more and more individuals on the left are falling for the lies espoused by candidates like Bernie Sanders.

America is great because we are the land of opportunity. America is great because anyone who is willing to work hard and make the right choices can make something of themselves. These are realities that Democrats need to not be true in order to maintain political relevance. Ultimately, the 2020 presidential election will come down to freedom and liberty vs. socialism and dependence.

What do you think about Bernie Sanders’ assessment of the United States? Is America truly “not great?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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