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The Dilemma Of Power Grabbing In A Democratic Setting In Nigeria---Emeka Ihedioha vs Hope Uzodimma

The Dilemma Of Power Grabbing In A Democratic Setting In Nigeria: Emeka Ihedioha vs Hope Uzodimma Emeka Ihedioha and Hope Uzodimma Adv...

The Dilemma Of Power Grabbing In A Democratic Setting In Nigeria: Emeka Ihedioha vs Hope Uzodimma
Emeka Ihedioha and Hope Uzodimma

Advanced learner's dictionary defines democracy as a system by which the people in a given country exercise their right of freedom to cast their votes to elect their own representatives. It is a fair and equal treatment everyone enjoys within an organization. Democracy is a system of government driven by the people, of the people and for the people. It gives the citizens unalloyed right to fully participate in the process of decision making.

In African continent and in Nigeria particularly,  this system of government has greatly been bastardized, reshaped, redefined and manipulated to suit the yearnings of egocentric minority who have sold out their souls to the devil. They have totally jettisoned the main import/interest of the people. Scholars and students of government and political science in this part of the world graduate, get reintegrated into the society and most unfortunately, get lost in the confusion of the practice of a totally different version of democracy being practiced. The ordinary fellow helplessly accepts being created to contend throughout life, with hopelessness, despondency and frustration due to ineptitude and the wickedness of opportuned few who find themselves in positions of authority.

Pre-independence African States and with the entity called Nigeria as a case study, there existed high expectations and enthusiastic dedication to ensuring that the new nation succeeded and grew to the benefit of all. Unfortunately, such hopes were dashed and hell got loosened all in the name of foisting a retrogressive and despotic democratic governance. The people who once had high hopes and expectations of a fulfilled future, started grappling with the effects of vampiric antecedents of those who came into the scene to hijack institutions of government while poverty, disappointment, frustration, death and uncertainty hold sway.

Despite man's evolution in diverse spheres of life which includes governance and transparent judicial system, Nigeria as a country, has abysmally failed to fulfill it's legitimate obligations to the citizens in the protection of their rights. On Tuesday 14th of January 2020, the people were disappointedly greeted with the perversive news that the Imo state popularly elected governor in the person of Honorable Emeka Ihedioha, has been sacked through the obnoxious ruling of the Nigerian Apex Court (Supreme Court) in Abuja, for the criminal installation of a Fulani "slaveboy", Hope Uzodimma. This, yet portrays the travesty of justice being perpetrated against the people in Nigeria. The Nigerian Supreme Court, in it's bid to service the interest of the cabals in Aso Rock, shamelessly ridiculed itself by sacking a democratically elected governor, and ordering the installation of a grossly unqualified individual against the people's popular choice. In their crude quest to grab power for selfish political gains, the ruling All Progressive Congress party (APC), through the instrumentality of the Apex Court, subverted the popular will of the Imo state people. Votes were illegally allocated to a candidate that took a distant fourth position during the polls and declared him the winner.

From the ongoing pressure being mounted on the Supreme Court especially from the international community and civil right groups for reversal of the subvertive judgement, it is hopefully expected of the APC compromised Justices, to courageously swallow their shame and stand up against tyranny. They have to redeem the already battered image of the Nigerian Judiciary and save themselves/Nigeria from unprecedented ridicule from the civilized global community.

Having however adjourned hearing of the case to Monday 2nd March 2020, it is believed that the Justices will holistically review the fraudulent judgement they initially gave and effect immediate reversal. The people's mandate given to Honorable Emeka Ihedioha of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), has to be restored. Imolites must not be shortchanged in the cabals bid to massage their frivolous interests. The people need to freely enjoy the dividends of democracy and not be subjected to another eight years of imposed slavery, insecurity, impoverishment and death.

The concerned governments and institutions of the world, individuals, lovers of justice and freedom who steadily exerted their influence on the Nigerian government on this matter, need be really appreciated. This pressure must have to be heightened until the Supreme Court finally and fully does the anticipated.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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