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Nigeria: Accusing IPOB Of Killing Two Hausa men In Rivers State Is Fallaciously Malicious

Nigeria: Accusing IPOB Of Killing Two Hausa men In Rivers State Is Fallaciously Malicious It is disappointingly glaring that the despera...

Nigeria: Accusing IPOB Of Killing Two Hausa men In Rivers State Is Fallaciously Malicious

It is disappointingly glaring that the desperate Nigerian government-sponsored and grossly compromised media with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) inclusive cannot make any headway without publishing fallacious stories about the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This they unscrupulously do to hoodwink the helpless public, with the mastery of evil propaganda not minding ethical standards of journalistic profession. They have since 2017, been at the forefront, recklessly disseminating series of falsehood in the bid to maintain the tagged status on IPOB, as a terror organization in their consistent subservience to their paymasters. This agenda they tenaciously drive in their attempt to pitch IPOB with others who share contrary opinions with the approach adopted for the Biafran question. It is noteworthy therefore, to state here that their singular objective is to create an atmosphere of enmity and hostility with people of other ethnicities who may not identify the evil being persistently perpetrated in the land.

IPOB has publicly maintained that all the indigenous ethnic nationalities entrapped in the Nigerian contraption have become victims of the "forced marriage", with the only solution being outright disintegration. This is the only panacea for freedom as a people which has been the pattern of life and dignity prior to the advent of the British colonialists. Armed with this understanding, it is being clearly stated that the Fulani Islamic extremists are the "celebrated criminals" that are found everywhere and not the Hausa people.

It is therefore laughable to get any Fulani-backed media outlet with the BBC, maliciously and unverifiably accusing IPOB family members of attacking/killing two Hausa residents in Obigbo, Rivers State. This falsehood was pieced together as part of their evil attempts to pitch the good people of Hausa origin against Biafrans with the corrupt mindset of ethnic bias. Biafrans value life and quite unlike the Fulani vampires/terrorists, have absolutely no destructive, oppressive and domineering instinct in their DNA. IPOB family members are not only decently accommodating but uniquely hospitable. It should be clearly understood that Biafrans are peculiarly humane in their dealings with other ethnic nationalities except for such that feast on the blood and sufferings of others. There are completely no issues with the good people of Hausa extraction.

The Nigerian state-sponsored killer forces in their kinds, are the marked enemies of the Biafran people and not non-Fulani Islamic terrorists who equally are victims of the activities of the British tutored oppressors. IPOB will vehemently stay the fight for total freedom until the Biafran sovereignty is rightly restored. There is no level of organized, sinister or open conspirational strategy/intimidation by haters of the Biafran cause that will debar us from realizing this divine mandate.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu


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