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Trump's Reelection: Facts Nigerian Americans Must Swallow

Trump's Reelection: Facts Nigerian Americans Must Swallow American Democrats changed American politics to the very ugly whe...

Trump's Reelection: Facts Nigerian Americans Must Swallow

American Democrats changed American politics to the very ugly when they started a needless impeachment process to get rid of a man, who they hitherto underrated and paid dearly for.

There's nothing wrong with an impeachment, because it's part of a democratic process but the manner Nancy Pelosi lured the Democrats in their controlled lower chamber of the Congress and the wordings the House managers led by Adam Schiff employed to pursue the futile attempt, completely exposed the plot for what it truly was - a partisan hoax intended at brainwashing the American people into hating their president.

They knew they hadn't enough grounds to impeach an American president but they needed the attention to stop him from a second term. That was the ultimate goal.

But the 45th POTUS in name of Donald Trump recovered quite fast that the hate-riden exercise was heading for a huge boomerang before the world collapsed to a China-created pandemic.

The way the Democrats instantly switched attention to using the pandemic to achieve what the impeachment process failed woefully to,  forced reasonable people to start putting two and two together...and most were getting four.

I knew politics was a dirty game but never anticipated that the American Democrats could turn it into this ugly. And just for blindly hating one individual so so deeply, they fragrantly disrespected and insulted the highest political office in the whole world - the office of the President Of The United States, simply referred to as POTUS.

Now, that is America's problem - if they wanted to denigrate their institutions, it's their business. A mindset the Nigerian Americans in the ugly train of hating Trump concretized with solid reinforcements.

But the POTUS we're talking about is not just any ordinary POTUS. He hates suppression and doesn't want to hear any word like terrorism. He's not saying it. He's doing it. For doing what is right our sisters and brothers already screwed senselessly into the untoward by the sinister Democrats, labelled him a racist. 

The Nigerian American Democrats would tell you in words as rotten as those of Pelosi and Schiff that you(because you reside in Nigeria), don't have a clue of what is happening in America. They try every trick in the book to stop you from being part of the debate. They cajole you with the fact that you have no voting right, as if you didn't know. They blackmail you with the idiocy that you should concentrate on Nigeria and leave American politics for Americans. They could have been right only that their Jesus Christ in person of Barrack Obama did not obey same rule. He jumped into Nigerian politics to give us the Muhamed Buhari we have today as president.

The Nigerian president, who couldn't contain Boko Haram terrorist as promised. A president who allowed a more deadly Herdsmen terrorists to sprout unchecked during his reign. A president who allowed Jihad fundamentalists to murder and maim Christians in his country without any serious attempt to stop the carnage. All these while the Obama-led Democrats gleefully turned another way. 

These Nigerian American Democrats who express same hate their mama hatred herself, Pelosi brainwashed them with, are only selfish people - everyone of them!

A Democrats government usually benefited whatever these our Nigerian Americans earned a living from and they wanted to brainwash us into their fickle thinking. 

They forget, that the terrorists we have in Nigeria are real menace. They don't care that the herdsmen are invading Southern Nigeria and that only a Trump second term would checkmate that. 

No, they don't care. The wicked souls want you to shut up, Joe Biden gets elected and then we stew in our own juice while they enjoy whatever from a very safe distance.

It's all about interests and I know where my interests lie - in Trump whose presidency is hell to any act of terrorism and suppression of Christianity. 

You will only be a fool to listen to those utterly selfish individuals. They love only themselves.

Get up, support Trump in any way you can. Write in support of a man whose only crime against the hypocrites is that he refuses to sound politically correct. Preach in support of a man whose crimes are centred around being practical and saying things exactly the way they are.

Campaign for a man who clearly loves his country and humanity at large.

Do anything you can to save the modern world from a gang up of China and American Democrats.

The world is a global village that anything you offer gets to the target. Don't mind the little-minded folks that cajole you that you have no voting right. If you are focused and strong in your message, you can convince up to 10 voters. 

We all have friends and relatives with voting rights in America. Appeal to them to remember your plight and vote to stop Islamic terrorists from taking over our farm lands, a sure scenario awaiting if that senile Joe Biden gets to become POTUS.

If there's nothing you can do, just get on your knees and pray.

The coming US election is the biggest challenge facing modern world. Vote or campaign for Trump to save God's world.

Written By Tai Emeka Obasi

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