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Recent Ranking Of Nigeria In the World Terror Index Is The Catalyst Needed For Dissolution

 World Terror Index: Ranking Of Nigeria Is The Catalyst Needed For Dissolution The very recent ranking of Nigeria as the third most terroriz...

 World Terror Index: Ranking Of Nigeria Is The Catalyst Needed For Dissolution

The very recent ranking of Nigeria as the third most terrorized country in the world, indisputably confirms the report of Family Writers Press International which has rentlessly kept global audience abreast with it's comprehensive journalistic investigation and discoveries about terrorism activities in Nigeria. The Nigerian government is seriously found culpable in the business of terrorism build up and sponsorship that have resulted in thousands of deaths, destructions and displacements.

This devilish enterprise has now rightly placed Nigeria in a disdainful position as one of the three leading most terrorist countries in the world. It is pertinent to categorically state here that the placement of the country on the terror index position is not sufficiently enough but ought to be the standing point of a corresponding punishment. Recall that for years now, there has existed several alarms raised from the news desk of Family Writers Press International, regarding the Nigerian government's disgusting romance with Islamic terrorist groups in the country especially Boko Haram, Fulani  killer herdsmen and the ones they deceitfully refer to as bandits. 

The civilized International Community should therefore note that it is only in Nigeria that radical Islamic terrorists are captured at war fronts, "rehabilitated", integrated into the society, eventually recruited into the Nation's Armed Forces and christened "repentant terrorists" by the same compromised Nigerian government, run by the Fulani terror cabals.

By this singular adopted methodology in handling the so-called captured terrorists which they themselves, formed and sponsored, one could not vividly call to mind, the last time the Nigerian government prosecuted or at least, arraigned any captured Boko Haram terrorists or Fulani herdsmen in court. But this government has remained tyrannically unbearing when it concerns unarmed, innocent and peaceful Biafran agitators that are swiftly being kidnapped in odd hours of the night from their homes by trigger-happy Nigerian security operatives. 

They would quickly remand them as long as they could in dehumanizing conditions in different detention cells if not summarily killed. It is unfortunate however, that the Nigerian Army has blatantly thrown all professional cultures to the wind by treacherously betraying it's own soldiers of Judeo-Christian extraction in the battlefield against Boko Haram terrorists. This act of subterfuge has terribly been leading to routined wastages of the lives of uncountable number of unsuspecting soldiers by the radical Islamic terrorists in the North-East region of the country.

Now that the world has become fully aware of the menace of terrorism activities in Nigeria and has consequently designated the country as the third most terrorized in the world, it is timely expeditious for the international community to courageously facilitate the immediate dissolution of Nigeria to save the already over traumatized populace entrapped in the evil contraption. For how long will the world wait and watch to see the thousands gruesomely murdered and millions displaced at will, by these Islamic terrorists? 

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should speedily wade in to stem this morbid impunity of the Nigerian government's treacherous onslaught against global peace.  It is important that this organization fully come to terms with the fact that Nigeria as a country, is criminally sabotaging global peace and tranquility through terrorism build up and unhindered sponsorship; and failure to facilitate it's conscientious dissolution will definitely lead to an unprecedented/destabilizing upheavals in the nearest future that the world may not effectively handle.

If the organized International Community yet genuinely lives to it's billing, designating Nigeria as the third most terrorized nation of the world, is not really enough in dealing with the terrorism monster. Now is the ample opportunity that the UNSC has, to proactively synergize and put up result-oriented cum effective modalities that will help save the lives of the teaming populace both Nigerians and foreigners alike, helplessly encaged in the country. 

It should be stated hear for the world to know that all the billions of dollars being borrowed coupled with crude oil proceeds are channeled into financing and aiding these terror groups/activities by the APC cum Fulani cabals run Nigerian government. Continued docility of the global community in the light of the foregoing can only spell doom and it should get ready self-blame when the "bubbles" finally burst.

Written by Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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