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Terrorism In Nigeria: Miyetti-Allah Should Be Banished From Igboland

Terrorism In Nigeria: Miyetti-Allah Should Be Banished From Igboland It is now convincingly clear to all sane beings that the Miyetti Allah ...

Terrorism In Nigeria: Miyetti-Allah Should Be Banished From Igboland

It is now convincingly clear to all sane beings that the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders  Association of Nigeria (MACBAN),  derives maximum joy and satisfaction in the killing of innocent indigenous village dwellers across Nigeria. In Igboland, Southern Kaduna, Benue and  Plateau states specifically, a lot of mayhem has been willfully committed without repercussions. It is therefore necessary the leadership in Igboland, synergizes with one strong voice, courageously and permanently banish these Fulani  Islamic terrorists who are under the cover of breeding cattle, perpetrate enormous atrocities from the entirety of Igboland. 

It is an ancient culture and tradition to keep massaging the ego of serial killers as indigenes, talkless of strangers that publicly and arrogantly lay claims to killing even the bonafide land owners for whatever reason. If Igbo leaders should boldly tell themselves the truth despite being cowed to submission, this act of criminality will be totally erased from the land. It is unfortunately disappointing that the occupational government of Nigeria has over the years, so briddled the mouths of Igbo leaders due to series of political victimizations and blackmails. 

These were enticingly garnished, enveloped and delivered to them in form of promises of political offices that have pitiably blinded their eyes and consciences against the gruesome killings of their own people. The Miyetti Allah group has criminally be perpetrating this act of wickedness on successive basis and callously desecrating Igboland with impunity and the only viable punishment for this, is their outright and unmitigated banishment of the from the land.

It is sacrilegious allowing this alien practice against Igboland and people; and therefore necessarily expedient that the members of this vampiric organization called Miyetti Allah be duly shown the way out. They have been killing innocent people in many parts of Nigeria with Igboland inclusive and have as well been arrogantly claiming responsibility even before the Nigerian government without consequences. 

The gods of the land and the ancestors completely abhor  the ongoing extra-judicial killing of anybody, his crime nonetheless. That forms the basis why offenders are banished from the land because their crimes are regarded as a taboo. It is evil to shed human blood in the land hence this call for the penalty of banishment.

It will be a mockery  on the gods of the land for Miyetti Allah to be allowed in their subtilty to come back and start telling the Igbos that their only sojoun into the land is purely for economic purposes. Members of this organization have been recklessly killing people especially in Ukpabi-Nimbo and Awgu in Enugu State, Onicha-Ngwa in Abia State, Ngbo in Ebonyi State amongst many other places across Igboland. 

They should no longer be allowed any inch of access or stay. Recently, the marauding Islamic killers claimed responsibility for the consistent gruesome killings in Southern Kaduna of the indigenous land dwellers, with the promise to stop their nefarious activities but are yet perpetrating their sinister agenda. The Fulani foot soldiers (killer herdsmen) and other Islamic criminal elements are yet carrying on their killing spree against the innocent citizens of Southern Kaduna. From findings, it has been established that Miyetti Allah does not in anyway, peacefully co-exist with their neighbors and as such, the peaceful, loving Igbo people should never allow these licenced killers to inhabit either their bushes/forests.

Let nobody tell Igbo leaders this time around that the grossly lame, biased and compromised Nigerian constitution stipulates that everybody has the right to live anywhere in Nigeria because the ancient tradition of banishing murders  is very much fashionably older than the nepotistic/ineffective Nigerian constitution. If the ancestors and the gods of the land begin to unleash nemesis on the leaders of the land due to to consistent spillage of blood on the land, the Nigerian constitution will not in anyway, intervene for rescue.

Therefore, now is the time for the coordinated banishment of Miyetti Allah from the entirety of Igboland. They can be made to recolate their nomadic enterprise to Northern Nigeria from where they came and any Igboman who wishes to engage in any commercial activities with them can place order via organized and civilized manner for delivery. Miyetti Allah is totally not needed in Igboland henceforth because it's members are serial killers and jihadists. No longer will this act of criminality be allowed in our land.

Written by Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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