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End-Sars Protest Turn Bloody In Rivers State As Governor Nyesom Wike Invites Military To Kill His Own People

 End-Sars Protest Turn Bloody In Rivers State As Governor Nyesom Wike Invites Military To Kill His Own People In Obigbo town, River State, t...

 End-Sars Protest Turn Bloody In Rivers State As Governor Nyesom Wike Invites Military To Kill His Own People

In Obigbo town, River State, this Thursday being 29th October 2020, Governor Nyesom has once again, demonstrated to the world that he has been blood-thirsty all this while and has been looking for ways to actualize that purpose. 

He has invited the Nigerian military to arrest and kill the innocent indigenous inhabitants in Obigbo town in River State (Igweocha).

The nationwide #EndSars protests which was unanimously and spontaneously initiated by the Nigerian youths aimed at ending bad governance,  police brutality, millitary brutality and other sorts of heinous activities that were perpetrated to accommodate Fulani Islamic agenda in the country. 

The Indigenous youths of Obigbo just like what obtained in every other part of the country, joined in the match for the  #EndSars agitation. Governor Wike unfortunately hid under the cover of tyranny to initiate the hunt down of family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) whom he, out of sheer hatred and stark hypocrisy misjudged as partakers in the protests. 

He wants them completely arrested and extra-judicially killed as a ploy to protect his selfish political arrangement with the Fulani caliphate. Governor Wike who claims to be a lawyer thus, works for the interest of APC infested Fulani Government by killing the innocent, unarmed and law abiding Biafrans as a leeway for possible take over of the land by the Islamists. 

All the shouts and abracadabraic somersaults are not for the interest of Rivers State but for his Northern Fulani slavemasters. He wants to remain politically relevant even after his tenure and the only way he thinks he can please his Fulani slavemasters is to initiate the reign of terror against his own people.

Wike has been before now, seen as a beloved brother that was fully supported with lives put on the line against the orchestrations of the current murderous Fulani Government of Nigeria during the electioneering campaign and election periods of 2015 and 2019 respectively. 

The governor pretended as one that had the interest of the people at heart, when he informed Rivers State people on different occasions that the lives of every indigenous inhabitants matter before despotically exhibiting the ongoing mudurious acts with the military against the citizens. What a pretenter? What a coward? What a deceiver of the people? Just for power, why?

People's heart are now filled with pains, thinking they were safe in the land, not knowing that the Nigerian army will invade them as they drove in on different trucks and buses just to shoot with live bullets at the youths and children (ranging from 14 years upwards). The military, acting well to instructions, have embarked on house to house searches, arresting and summarily executing with despicable impunity, all that could be found. 

The situation in Obigbo, has so degenerated to a point that anyone found at home will be killed and homes set ablaze. Children and wives are being made fatherless and widows. The Nigerian infested Fulani cum Boko Haram Army, are presently wrecking harvoc based on the orders of Nyesom Wike. It is really a trying moment for the peace loving inhabitants of Obigbo. An unforgettable nightmarish experience with grave scars left in the consciousness of the people. 

How can a sitting governor that says he is a lawyer and an advocate of civility and good governance, be at the forefront of oppression, terror, death and destruction of his own people? This is the same man that went around, cup in hand, begging for elective support for people-oriented  democracy and observance of human rights. He has become a monstrous and wicked Hitler simply because of corrupt, parochial and self-serving political amibtion.

#Wike, why?

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia

For Family Writers Press International


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