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Obigbo Massacre: The Unspeakable Hatred Of Governor Wike Against His People

Obigbo Massacre: The Unspeakable Hatred Of Governor Wike Against His People The prevailing bizarre actions of the Rivers State Governor, Bar...

Obigbo Massacre: The Unspeakable Hatred Of Governor Wike Against His People

The prevailing bizarre actions of the Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike is an attestation of the fact before the civilized global community, that he is not just a tyrant but a hater and destroyer of his own people. He laid false claims to being a civilized, humane, decent and caring individual just to win the sympathy and support of Rivers citizens especially during his last electioneering campaigns for the office of the state number citizen. But totally unknown to the people, he was surreptiously paving the way for the actualization of the agenda of his Northern Fulani oligarchical masters. The ongoing truancy and terrorism being unleashed on the Obigbo residents are surpassing evidences of the most tyrannic and blood wasting governor of Igbo extraction.

Wike in the past few days, against civilized democratic norm, ill-advisedly declared a total war against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Rivers State which though, never started today. It has been incubating and with the recent #EndSars nationwide Nigerian youths protests, he was served the leeway to despotically put forward his unpopular pronouncements. He categorized his terms in order to penetrate and orchestrate mayhem in Rivers State, using Obigbo town as his launchpad.

Points to critically consider:

1) Recall that on the 20th of January 2017, hundreds of the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and lovers of freedom were blatantly arrested, detained, maimed and murdered in cold blood, by pariculsrly, the combined teams of the Nigerian army and police. The people all joyfully and peacefully thronged the city of Port Harcourt to celebrate Donald Trump's election victory and inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America. Those who escaped the killers' bullets and arrested, were taken to various incarceration centres albeit illegitimately. Wike who supposedly is the Chief Security Officer of the state, an acclaimed democrat and lawyer maintained sealed lips.

2) On several occasions, many Biafrans have under his nose, been illegally arrested and extra-judicially executed in his state without consequences. He never raised any eye-brow. In fact, Rivers State peaks as the only state within the southern part of Nigeria where innocent souls have so humiliatedly been persecuted, tortured and lost. Arrogantly reinforcing the proscription of an indigenous people that is recognized in law, duly registered, recognized internationally and legitimately agitating for justice/freedom as a matter of right, is completely baseless and dead on arrival.

You Must Know This:

1) Governor Wike employing the force of arms through the military against the innocent citizens, clearly depicts where his interest really lies. He is doing it to massage the intent of his Northern Fulani masters who want by every means possible, to take total control of Obigbo land amongst other choice locations in the state.

2) Residents of Obigbo must fully understand that Wike's fight is not entirely on IPOB but the state in general. The effects of his killing machine has very negatively affected many innocent families/souls across Rivers State. "The Fulani Islamic soldiers are brazenly going from house to house, picking young men and boys and summarily executing them. They are equally ambushing unsuspecting passers-by, arresting and killing them in cold blood", reports pointedly prove.

3) Countless number of residents have either been sacked from their homes or gruesomely murdered. Are all these IPOB members too? All these portray the kind of a civilian governor Wike really is. A man that cherishes bloodletting of those he proudly claims to be governing. He most assuredly must be held accountable someday. Immunity does not last forever.

It is noteworthy therefore, to state here that all these acts of wickedness and vampirism started as the Nigerian youths trooped out in their numbers to join #EndSars protests like others across the country. The so-called hoodlums cashed into the peaceful protests to perpetrate other acts and the only thing a state governor who also prides himself as a lawyer could do, was to twist the whole narrative, tagging it "IPOB affair". What Wike has to explain to the world is whether it has become criminal for citizens to peacefully protest in a democracy against security brutality, bad governance, etcetera.

The governor must humbly and repentantly desist from using the Nigerian military to snuff life out of innocent, unarmed men, women and children or be prepared to face the consequences attached to this genocidal onslaught against humanity. 

God Almighty is watching!

Written by Sunday Okafor

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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