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Nigeria: A Country That Needs Total Dissolution

 Nigeria: A Country That Needs Total Dissolution The fact about Nigeria is that the Northern region exists in absolute hatred against the ot...

 Nigeria: A Country That Needs Total Dissolution

The fact about Nigeria is that the Northern region exists in absolute hatred against the other parts of the country, mostly the Eastern and Southern parts. 

The main Northern Islamists derive joy from the terrible, sorrowful and unimagenable conditions of others and that is enough reason why Nigeria needs an outright dissolution. Most people do not feel the pains of their fellows neither do they see them as same that need be valued and respected.  

In the ongoing #EndSARS/SWAT Protests ravaging Nigeria as a result of the brutality and killings being metted on the innocent, the Northern governors, youths and majority of their people had not acceded to the motion of having the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) completely banned as a police unit amongst the other forces in Nigeria simply because they are not victims. 

The tyranny and bloodshed that have resulted from the activities of these policemen, orchestrated the outrageous/spontaneous protests across the country. The Nigerian government had brought war against Biafrans and that is why the same government that had covenanted to protect all had rather prefered to listen to the unaffected  Northerners than the unanimous calls to have SARS totally scrapped with all forms of attached brutalities in the South-East and the South-South regions, stopped forthwith.

The reason Nigeria cannot stand even after restructuring is that:

* You cannot get fresh wine and then pour it into an old wineskin (pot). It will definitely get contaminated.

* You cannot apply body cream on yourself before you eventually go to the shower. it is insanity doing that. How would one restructure Nigeria for the purpose of living in peace and harmony upon the pains, sorrows and unimagenable conditions the  government has over the years, exposed the citizenry to? It is like putting up a structure for someone with such an individual's child killed and the corpse used as the foundation. How do you expect that person to live happily in that house afterwards?

We reject Nigeria, we reject restructuring and we demand the immediate end of SARS/SWAT and all forms of police brutality against the innocent.

We demand that SARS be ended across Nigeria not for the government to baptise it with another name (SARS to SWAT), with the same people, in the same stations and leaving them with their muderous antecedents. We cannot employ vampires to keep watch over us and pay them with our own hard-earned money.

Even if the Hausas and the Yorubas come to terms with restructuring Nigeria, Biafrans can never be a party to it because we have offered much more than what is needed to make Nigeria a better country. It is just that the so-called leaders are hardened political thieves. Instead of developing to elevate the country to acceptable standards, the gluttonous pot-bellied Northern oligarchs relaxing at the hem of Nigerian politics, will keep looting the treasury and diverting such into their personal foreign accouts in Europe. Following this would be sending their empty scull- headed children to relax and enjoy the looted public funds abroad under the guise of studying, while their slaves keep toiling to produce more for them to smuggle. 

We have also lost many lives in the process which should not have been if Nigeria were to be a country to be cherished. The power of the nation lies in the hands of the masses and not the elected/appointed government officials who arrogantly consider everything to be theirs. What if the masses unanimously concur to either impeach them, kill them or revolt against them with certificateless President Muhammadu Buhari deposed? The country will then go into coup d'etat like what happened in Mali few months ago.

If Nigeria will not be dissolved, then Biafra should be carved out peacefuly to have her own independent government with her sovereignty and people fully respected. Then the era of the bloodsucking SARS and their other criminal police counterparts would be permanently put to rest.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

For Family Writers Press International


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