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The deceits of Nigeria Government and the use of thugs against the End-SARS protesters

The deceits of Nigeria Government and the use of thugs against the End-SARS protesters For almost fourteen (14) days running now, Nigerian y...

The deceits of Nigeria Government and the use of thugs against the End-SARS protesters

For almost fourteen (14) days running now, Nigerian youths in their numbers defied frustration, poverty, joblessness, the fears/pains of tyranny and death, to courageously fight for their future, this they undertook due to the abysmal failure of the officials of the federal government that were democratically elected to provide relevant necessities of life to the overburdened/impoverished citizenry. The government officials have rather, taken to hyper-corruption indices that have become institutionalizedly hereditary.

One commendable aspect that has recently happened in Nigeria is the ongoing spontaneous nationwide protests that have remained relatively well coordinated, peaceful and civilized. At the onset, the Lagos State Government callously rented thugs that attacked #EndSARS protesters which left some of them injured and one dead. This dastardly act provoked the anger of the people as it negates the very constitutional right of the Nigerian youths as citizens.  

The government was then adviced by well meaning individuals to clearly desist forthwith, from aggravating the already volatile situation through the employment of force. The protests have been ongoing albeit successfully, with the number of young able bodied men and women, joining in the march across the country against all forms of police brutality, extra-judicial killings, arrests, detentions, maladministration, corruption, unemployment, poverty and infrastructural decays. 

The Nigerian government on the other hand and living up to it's draconian policies and insensitivity to the genuine yearnings of the people, have equally decided to employ the tool of crudity in the whole episode. On Monday 19th October 2020, some contracted hoodlums were mischievously mobilized to forcefully break into Ugbekun police station in Benin city, Edo State capital, destroying everything and setting the entire station ablaze. 

It is very important to state here that forty eight (48) hours earlier, a recorded audio message which claimed that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had apologized to the protesters (Nigerian youths), went wide on publication. Twenty four (24) hours later however, the presidency has ill-advisedly threatened to employ the use of force on the protesters if they fail to appoint theirs leaders for a talk with the government.

Nigeria Information and Communication Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed had on behalf of the same Nigerian government, threatened that the protesters must vacate the streets. Sensitive locations across major Nigerian cities which are presently being occupied by the youths form the bulk of the areas the Nigerian government has ordered them to leave before the expiration of twenty four (24) hours. 

The protesters were ordered to strictly comply or face dire consequences. Buhari government under the so-called democratic dispensation, still sees well organized, peaceful and relatively non-violent protest against institutionalized evils in the land, as "A Threat to National Peace and Security". The arson perpetrated at Ugbekun police station in Edo State stemmed from such grossly irrational government statement.

It is clear to deduce that the Nigerian government is inexonorably behind the recorded arsonists' attack because it is desperately looking for avenues to tag national peaceful protesting youths bad names to enable it's security forces clampdown on them. But God Almighty be praised that in modern civilization, the world which has becime a global community appropriately avails itself of round the clock information about developments across board. 

The subsisting protests have surprisingly been civilized and peaceful by all standards which is best to be recorded ever, in Nigerian history. It will therefore be very shamefully laughable, hypocritical and self-debasing if the officials of the Nigerian government do anything undemocratic to undermine the robust efforts of these vibrantly courageous, innocent citizens due to parochial and self-serving interests.




Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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