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Why Nigerians Should Support The Call To Ban Politicians From Travelling Abroad

Why Nigerians Should Support The Call To Ban Politicians From Travelling Abroad It is a thing of pity that Nigeria leaders will always fly o...

Why Nigerians Should Support The Call To Ban Politicians From Travelling Abroad

It is a thing of pity that Nigeria leaders will always fly out for medical treatment, even if they are having ordinary headache; whereas the masses have no good hospitals back home. The politicians, for the past 50 years, have completely run Nigeria to ground zero. There is no good road, no strategic housing system and no ordinary drinking water; yet they travel on frequent vacations to foreign countries to enjoy their loots. Back home in Nigeria, there is no good university for our teaming young people, but the same leaders have their children sent abroad for their education. Talking about schools built by their fellow politicians abroad. These shameless Nigeria politicians left Nigeria universities in ruins, neglecting the schools and the welfare of the academic staff.

It is just recently that Nigeria leaders raised the minimum wage for civil servants from paltry 22,000 to 33,000; yet the Senators in Nigeria still go home with 29 million Naira monthly, excluding their constituency project money, which they also squander the way it pleases them. How do you feel being given 33k that can't buy a bag of rice, whereas your politicians are going home with millions of naira every month? How do you feel, staying abroad suffering racism and working day and night just to make ends meet and take care of your people back home in Nigeria, whereas the Nigeria politicians are living in affluence? Are these abnormalities touching you at all? How a country can adjudge the poverty capital of the world, have one of, if not the highest paid politicians in the whole world? 

I, as a Teacher knows how much I get monthly. Teachers are expected to attend universities, but those leading you in Nigeria were expected to just finish primary six, and get first school leaving certificate. After which they are paid in millions. President Muhammadu Buhari couldn't present ordinary First School Leaving certificate, yet today, he is the president of over 200 million Nigerians. Nigeria pays politicians salaries and still give them allowance for everything. There is allowance for medical, for holidays, for housing, for food and even for ordinary barbing of hair. And they have it shamelessly covered in the national budget. A university lecturer paid 300,000 Naira, while a senator goes home with 29 million naira monthly. Isn't that very unfair? 

What of the police and military that are heavily underpaid? What about the medical doctors and the civil servants? Every year, Nigeria Doctors are abandoning home, migrating abroad to work for those that know and value their worth; leaving Nigerians to die like mosquitoes. And this is caused by the poor working conditions which the Nigeria government subjected them unto. 

We are today shouting #EndSARS without knowing that it is the same very politicians gallivanting and globetrotting who are behind every atrocity the SARS have committed. 

This is the reason every diaspora Nigerian, wherever you are based should join Nnamdi Kanu to stop Nigeria's heartless politicians from traveling abroad. For how long are we going to continue suffering these humiliations? If Nigeria is so good, if the constitution is so beautiful, if the infrastructure and universities in Nigeria are working perfectly, then why are our politicians traveling abroad? 

Let us join hands and disgrace them, should any of them set foot anywhere abroad. Let them stay in Nigeria and train their kids in Nigeria universities. 

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

(A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.

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