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End SARS: A Message To Nigeria Soldiers

A Message To Nigeria Soldiers  As the #EndSARS protest is going on across the country, I still wonder why Nigeria Army and police, who are s...

A Message To Nigeria Soldiers 

As the #EndSARS protest is going on across the country, I still wonder why Nigeria Army and police, who are suffering more than the people, are being used by politicians to kill and slaughter youths standing against the evil and atrocities of these leaders.

At Lekki, Nigeria Army opened fire on peaceful #EndSARS protesters, killing more than 70 of them on the spot and wounding many. Watching the video footage of the extrajudicial killings meted on the gallant #EndSARS protesters, you would think it is actually a war between Nigeria soldiers and some enemy countries; but no, it is actually Nigeria soldiers firing at their own youths, whose only crime is waving Nigeria Flag and singing the national anthem. Imagine being killed by your own soldiers for holding your country's flag and singing the national anthem.

The Nigeria soldiers can never claim that they too are not suffering the same thing the people suffer in Nigeria. In fact, they suffer more than the average civilians. Yet, they are bent on standing with the enemies of the people. If you are a soldier and reading this, look at yourself and ask yourself this questions. Am I being treated well? What actually is my salary? Can it be compared to the salary of a Senator who goes home with 29 million Naira every month? How fair are you treated as a soldier? Have you compared your status as a Nigeria soldier with others in Europe, America and South Africa?

Your fellow soldiers have been sabotaged in North East and got killed in huge numbers by the terrorists. Soldiers have been sent to die without any support as promised. They have been sent to fight Boko Haram without enough weapons, only to end up being massacred by the terrorists. The Nigeria soldiers have stayed in the battle field without their salaries and allowances paid, yet they are being used to kill their brothers and sisters in the society.

Amidst these injustices by the Nigeria leaders against you, why then do you still allow them use you to kill your own people?  The same Nigeria government has rewarded the same terrorists that killed your colleagues and butchered your relations. They recruit them into the army, pay them allowances and claim they have been rehabilitated. Today, they use them to slaughter the youths standing for a better future that will favor us all. And you all are watching them as they use the Boko Haram members they recruited into the Army to kill your own people. 

Is it not time for you all to stand up, reason properly and take a better side? Don't you want a nice future for your children? Believe me, not all of you will finish your military service as Army chief and Generals. Most of you will die mercilessly in the hands of terrorists and your families forgotten. Have you taken a look at the families of your colleagues that died fighting Boko Haram? How are they coping with the hard times? It could be you, remember. Now is the time to think. Your oath is to the Nigeria people and not to the corrupt leaders leading Nigeria. You are soldiers to defend the people and not the corrupt politicians.

Think about this and make the right decision today. You don't follow orders that is against simple common sense. Opening fire on protesters waving Nigeria Flag and singing the national anthem is against common sense, and is inarguably a heinous crime against humanity.

Written By Elochukwu Ohagi

( A Philosopher, Teacher And Activist)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.


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