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Nigeria: A Theatre of Crime And A Camp Of Military Extra-Judicial Killings

 Nigeria: A Theatre of Crime And A Camp Of Military Extra-Judicial  Killings A West African sub-regional enclave called Nigeria, presently r...

 Nigeria: A Theatre of Crime And A Camp Of Military Extra-Judicial  Killings

A West African sub-regional enclave called Nigeria, presently rates as the world's third most terrorized country by Global Terrorism Index Ranking. The country has unrepentantly led in the sponsorship of ethnic cleansing of inhabited citizens and the pillaging of her collective wealth. 

Being equally described as a burial ground by her suffering and greatly impoverished citizens, the government has not failed on it's part to live up to it's billing by catalyzing all the inherent atrocities being daily perpetrated. The Nigerian army has steadily built extra-judicial execution camps within the military barracks under the close supervision of the Nigerian government, not for the crop of Northern Fulani terrorists but for the very oppressed citizens holed-up in the enclave especially Biafrans. 

This is the consistent practice institutionally designed to annihilate their perceived enemies. Those who place demand for their rights to freely live according to the humanitarian laws of nature, are being criminalized and decisively death with albeit covertly as enemies of the Nigerian state. Civil rights have been demonized to create the avenue for unprecedented terror and anarchy.

Various extra-judicial camps are presently being established in Nigeria's military barracks, where persons illegitimately/secretly killed by the army under the order of the Nigerian presidency, are buried to conceal evidences of crimes against humanity. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), do hereby through this medium place the global community on notice as a result of these established extra-judicial camps variously located within the military barracks. Biafrans' lives are daily being wasted in their numbers and the corpses criminally concealed. 

Their only offence against the so-called democratic government of Muhammadu Buhari is exercise of their rights for just and peaceful co-existence. The Biafran Jewish adherents who were abducted by the murderous and grossly unprofessional Nigerian army in Obigbo, Rivers State, have reportedly been airlifted from their detention base in Biafraland to the far away Northern region for summary execution. 

This is what the Nigerian political leadership ostensibly does without legally constituting investigation panels to ascertain the purported crimes of these captives against the state. These innocent Biafran citizens are just being criminalized for belonging to a certain society and  religion. They were randomly abducted  without any provocation known to the Nigerian constitution. This is blatantly carried out against the principles of humanitarian laws of the country which clearly stipulated that no man has the right over his fellow's life. 

It is despicably a crime under the constitutional provision of Nigeria, to hold someone hostage against his will for more than twenty four (24) hours without prosecution in court. Is Nigeria really a country where decent, civilized and sane beings can inhabit? The Nigerian Judiciary and the lawyers are currently the readily available arrows and weapons in the hands of corrupt politicians. The security agencies have very disgustingly, become both the judges and the executioners of the very helpless people they are constitutionally obligated to protect.

Biafrans have over time, courageously  weathered the storm by throwing the door open for meaningful dialogue while demanding for peaceful disintegration of the country. Words cannot however suffice in trying to describe the willingness of Biafrans to unfettedly live with their stenght of character and respect for sanctity of life. Our existence as a people is established on the spilled blood of our heroes/heroines who have paid the ultimate prize defending their loved ones. 

Our hope hinges on our bond to live and not on our physical strength. We will never prevaricate on our sworn quest for freedom from the enslavement of neo-colonialism. This we must get with even the last drop of our blood. We shall most assuredly defeat this satanic enclave called Nigeria for the life assurance of both the present and the upcoming Biafra generations. This is a promise hinged on our mandate that must never ever be compromised.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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