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The Unwavering Quest For Freedom, The Hope And The After-Effects

 The Unwavering Quest For Freedom, The Hope And The After-Effects For close to two months running now, the Nigerian youths endured the painf...

 The Unwavering Quest For Freedom, The Hope And The After-Effects

For close to two months running now, the Nigerian youths endured the painful mourning of their comrades that were callously and brutally murdered before their very eyes, in cold blood by the Nigerian military. These Nigerian youths were gruesomely gunned down for daring to justly place demands for an end to the brutality of the officers of the outlawed Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), amidst the colorful rendition of the National Anthem and waves of the National Flag. 

They were freely and peacefully exercising their fundamental rights as citizens, decently calling for better lives devoid of any inkling of oppressions and denials. And with total disregard to the Constitution and disrespect for the rights of the citizens as increasingly being witnessed and experienced in the country, the already over-burdened  Nigerians got fed up with the shenaniganic antecedents of the Nigerian leadership of the day. 

The lackadaisical and the questionable approach of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU) and the treachery of the Nigerian media, constitute therefore, grave issues of concern to the informed. The cry for total freedom from the clutches of the slavish amalgamation theory of 1914 which is yet criminally in vogue till date and riddled with grevious fault lines, has remained the only exit hope of the Nigerian people. There exists really, no definitive words that can pointedly describe and convey the type of attached desire of the people for a better world as presently being pursued by the various and gravely affected ethnic nationalities entrapped therein. 

It is disheartening therefore, to state that up till this very moment, no individual has been held accountable for the gruesome murder of those innocent, protesting Nigerian youths at Lekki and Obigbo respectively. The Nigerian government, it's military and the compromised media have shamelessly partnered in the most despicable blackmail in their warped campaign to deny the killing of the inmocent citizens.

Without any sense of remorse by the state-sponsored perpetrators of this heinous crime and with the total neglect of the demands of the #EndSars protest, the same agitation seems to have resurfaced in a more potent format. 

The demands for a total end to police extra-judicial killings of citizens, abolition of the criminal/terroristic police outfit known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the dissolution of the unworkable 1999 Nigerian Constitution which is laced with ethnic and religious bigotry, the holistic reformation of the Nigerian Police Force, the regulation of the salaries of members of the National Assembly, the revitalization of the country's education system, etcetera, have remained blatantly politicized with no expedient attention given by the powers that be. The consequences of this second phase of the protest, if treated with disdain, will potentially rock and annihilate the very evil foundation that the conscienceless oppressive government of Nigeria, upholds. 

The tenents of tyranny and neo-colonialism would have to be completely destroyed. Any unlawful and despotic interference in the protest by the Nigerian government under whatever guise, will definitely be met with total breakdown of law and order. Protests are encapsulated in the demonstration of civil right which must not be denied the people in a democracy and Nigeria can never be an exception.

Freedom is definitely the light, beaming at the end of the tunnel. It is invariably the hope that strenghtens with unruffled guts without any iota of fear or favor. The end of tyranny and injustice as a matter of right, will  dawn before our very eyes on this glorious march for a better and fulfilling life. This is both for us and for the upcoming generations. Our leadership of tomorrow, we very courageously place demand for, today. Our destiny, we must jealously guard with our blood if need be. 

This very day, we are stoutly prepared to pay the ultimate prize for our cherished freedom from the shackles of neo-colonialism, subjection, penury, victimization, second-classism and economic decadence.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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