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FWPI Editorial: Eastern Security Network (ESN), Has Come To Stay

 FWPI Editorial: Eastern Security Network (ESN), Has Come To Stay Family Writers Press International  It is no longer news that the potentia...

 FWPI Editorial: Eastern Security Network (ESN), Has Come To Stay

Family Writers Press International 

It is no longer news that the potentially assembled Eastern Security Network (ESN), was conceptualized and launched by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, well before the glorious end of the year, 2020.  This crack security outfit birthed to curb the growing of wave insecurity against Biafrans in the Eastern region of Nigeria (Biafraland), has realistically come to stay. 

It stemmed from the failure of the South-East Governors over the years, to in accordance with their constitutional obligations, provide an enduring security outfit that will safeguard the lives and properties of the indigenous citizens amongst other law abiding Nigerians inhabiting this part of the country. The governors reneged on their responsibilities as the Chief Security Officers of their respective States, contrary to what obtains in Arewa (North) and Oduduwa (West), where there exist Miyetti Allah/Hisbah and Amotekun security outfits, respectively.

The Eastern Security Network (ESN), was thoughtfully formed as Eastern regional security outfit, saddled primarily, with the responsibility of protecting Biafrans' lives and properties that have unabatedly before it came on stream have been at the mercy of the marauding Fulani killer herdsmen from the Sahel. Their murderous activities have relatively been on high. 

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Farmlands and communities have been blatantly ravaged, women randomly raped and people killed, with virtually no recourse to the law. Their cattle were driven into farmlands, with farm produce worth fortunes, wantomly destroyed. The bushes and forests of the indigenous land owners were being taken over at will by these terrorist killers at will. And yet, our governments remained nonchalant in their security responsibilities to the seeming helpless village/community dwellers.

Recall that these marauding Fulani herders have been brutally and murderously driving their herds across the South-East, South-South and South-West regions of Nigeria with brazen alacrity, leaving behind, trails of death of the innocent and destruction of valuables. In civilized societies, the government makes laws that will simply compel the cattle owners/herders, to completely confine their stocks in ranches, rather than brazenly feeding them on people's means of livelihood and even at death. The menace caused by these Fulanis in Nigeria is disappointingly glaring and disgusting which no sane being can approve of or condone. 

Cattle grazing in Nigeria is essentially a non-economic venture in general terms. It has no national economic added value and even if it has, any people-oriented government, should not allow a   minute section of the society to lord it over others, with their private enterprises with attached insecurities. The Fulani herders in Nigeria, being backed by the government of the day, are only deceitfully hiding behind cattle rearing across the country, to forcefully dispossess the indigenous peoples of their ancestral lands, for their planned colonies and domination. It was through this subtle and covert agenda that the Hausas in Nigeria totally lost their lands and till date, cannot rightly lay claim to ownership. It has been the Fulanis all the way, establishing their emirates with their Emirs in charge. It is only from history, the wise can learn and proactively take action.

If only the governors of the South-East region particularly and for a day, had realized the gruesome deaths, callous destruction and shameful desecration of our land, which were being perpetrated based on their mistakes of either unwitting connivance cowardice, the situation could not have degenerated the way it presently is. They ought to have humbly come together to join forces with the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and these array of menace perhaps, would not have been this experienced.  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu foresaw this danger coming years ago and severally warned against it but our political representatives in the Nigerian context, called such warnings a bluff. Today, the herders have become monsters that could be contend with, even nationally. 

The courageous birthing into existence of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) is essentially, the best thing that has happened in the South-East. Their presence and determined activities as outlined, are enough relief to Biafrans who are innocently and peacefully going about their businesses unharassed or killed. Our men, women, children and the elderly, can now sleep with their eyes closed without any fear of molestation or death. The excesses of this marauding Fulani killer herdsmen must have to be contained, curtailed and even completely eliminated.

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia

Deputy Editor-In-Chief

Family Writers Press International.


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