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Nigeria: Food Diversion And Blackmail Agenda Against Biafrans By Northern Elements

 Nigeria: Food Diversion And Blackmail Agenda Against Biafrans By Northern Elements If anyone is yet playing the ostrich in the face of the ...

 Nigeria: Food Diversion And Blackmail Agenda Against Biafrans By Northern Elements

If anyone is yet playing the ostrich in the face of the prevalent developments in Nigeria, then such an individual needs a comprehensive mental reset. There has been churned out blackmail agenda that is being peddled against the people of Southern Nigeria (Biafrans particularly), regarding food security in the country. Apparently, there exists a clandestine blackmail of food diversion being driven against the Biafran people by the Nigeria Northern elements. 

This is primarily being floated to intimidate the indigenous inhabitants of the land into submission. Recall that just recently, news were rife over the media that out of crude immunity, the Fulani herdsmen blocked the highways leading from Southern part of the country with their cattle, thereby diverting trucks conveying food items, elsewhere. Southern Nigeria route was targeted as a protesting bait against the quit notice given to the Fulani killer herders to vacate the bushes, forests and farmlands in the Southern region.

However, if the required price to be paid by Biafrans for unanimously coming to the conclusion of chasing away the marauding Fulani Islamic killers and land grabbers from the land is this calculated blockade of the passage of foodstuffs from the Northern part, then let it be. How in this civilized world should these Fulani criminals and their sponsors (Miyetti Allah), ever think that the Biafran people would be cowed into submission for their unambiguous decision, with a mere threat of foodstuffs diversion? Critically evaluating the present developments in Biafraland, it should be noticed that no amount of intimidation, blackmail, foodstuffs blockade/diversion and military siege whatsoever, will cajole the people against the widely accepted decision already taken.

Importantly, the Northerners should understand that amongst of the indices of blackmail marshaled out against Biafrans and aimed at forcing them to reverse their decision, surely it cannot and will never be through food blockade. This is already obsolete because even the Northerners can never harvest their farm produce and still buy same from amongst themselves. If after the harvest of perishable products like fresh tomatoes, onions, pepper etcetera, they remain undistributed or sold out to the merchants, the farm produce will certainly perish to the producers' disadvantage. 

It is  therefore a grave delusion for the Northerners to yet believe that they are doing Southerners any good by transporting down to the region to dispose off via merchandize, their farm produce. It is even the people of Biafra that could boycott these Northern farm produce as a veritable tool of protest against the evil being perpetrated in the land by the cattle reared by these Fulani herdsmen. It is rather self-defeatist to assume that anybody or  circumstance can trigger off effective and successful blackmail of a determined people, into submission. 

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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